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September 13, 2013

We’ve confidentially submitted...
Twitter, September 13, 2013

Twitter has filed for an IPO. A gizillion words (and even more tweets) will no doubt follow. Here's some coverage. More. More.

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The learning design studio: collaborative design inquiry as teachers’ professional development
Yishay Mora, Orit Mogilevsky, Research in Learning Technology, September 13, 2013


The authors write, "Educational practitioners often operate on the basis of their intuition and find it difficult to bind these to pedagogical theory. To counter this tendency, and to allow them to retain their tacit pragmatic knowledge while adopting an attitude of scientific rigor, they need to acknowledge their role as designers of learning experiences." I think this is a useful perspective - the concept of design allows for art and intuition, while at the same time being subject to the strictures of materials and method.

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MOOC MOOC! The Interview
Jessica Knott, educational technology & change, September 13, 2013


Interview about the upcoming MOOC MOOC, a MOOC about MOOCs. This will be the third iteration. "In MOOC MOOC, we resisted the common impulse to put ourselves at the head of the class. Instead of using video lectures, or even video introductions, we encouraged students to create the videos, to show us where learning was happening and what the outcomes of the course seemed to be. Toward the end of the week, we involved participants in an exercise of reflection, where they told us and each other what they’d learned and how it would apply to their work, teaching, learning, and lives. The results were dynamic, diverse, and truly inspiring."

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