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June 21, 2013

What Constitutes Student Success?
Stephen Downes, June 21, 2013, Online Teaching Conference, Long Beach, California

In this presentation I address the evaluaation of student success in a MOOC environment, challenging the idea that success can be measured by such things as completion rates and test scores, and offering an alternative network-based mechanism of assessing success.

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New Model, Familiar Face
Paul Fain, Inside Higher Ed, June 20, 2013


I think we're on the verge of seeing a very crowded market, and I think that increasingly the big advantage early movers had will begin to erode. "A veteran of for-profit higher education has built a new online learning portal, this time a nonprofit. And Michael K. Clifford’s DreamDegree.org, which went live last month, already offers 27 courses that can lead to college credit at many colleges."

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IMF launching courses on online university
Sean Coughlan, BBC, June 20, 2013


I guess I can't really imagine the IMF adopting a crowdsourced community-based model of a MOOC, but I am pleased to observed that their course will at least be open, so we will be able to see what advice they are offering world financial leaders. We read, "These are going to be uncompromising in their content - 'based on the latest collective wisdom on macro-economics' - but are designed to give the public an insight into the issues facing their governments' finance ministers." Which I guess is a start. The IMF will be partnering with edX for the venture.

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