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June 18, 2013

Learning about Visual Notetaking from Giulia Forsythe
Wesley A. Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, June 18, 2013


Good insight from Wes Fryer on Giulia Forsythe's visual note-taking. He writes, "Do you take visual notes yet? Have you taught your own students about visual notetaking or graphic facilitation yet? In addition to watching Guilia’s presentation video, check out some of the other videos and tutorials on the “Visual Notetaking” page of “Mapping Media to the Common Core.” Very inspiring ideas to both apply personally and share with students!" I tried taking visual notes during Idea City in 2003, which went well, but did not inspire me to abamdon my existing practice of converting presentations into articles on the fly.

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Data from edX’s first course offer preliminary insights into online learning
Jennifer Chu, MIT News Office, June 17, 2013


Interesting results from a survey of the first EdX courses. "Educational success in a MOOC, but also in a face-to-face class, is not a wholly individual activity," says Mintz, who was not involved in this study. "It has a social dimension. To put this another way, persistence and success are not simply products of cognitive factors. Noncognitive factors — in this case, social connection — are equally important." The full report is here.

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