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May 2, 2013

Dandelion Publishing is the Worst Idea Ever
Eric Hellman, Go To Hellman, May 2, 2013


Interesting analogy: "book publishing is all about suppressing the weeds and fertilizing the flowers. Suppressing weeds is fashionably called 'curation' and the fertilizer is politely called 'marketing'." So what is personal publishing? Cultivating dandelions - which are, in most contexts, noxious weeds. "It's only the dregs of publishing that makes money off of weeds. And dandelions are weeds in most contexts. The righteous publishers treat their books like children, and yes, they put lots of effort into them." Dp I agree with this? No. But it's an interesting analogy.

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Creative Commons Has Failed Me and My Heart is Breaking
Charles Severance, Dr. Chuck's Blog, May 2, 2013


Charles Severance is feeling failed by Creative Commons; I would answer that I saw this coming. Severance writes, "It is like my material is trapped in a content slum. You might think that search engines can tell the difference between me publishing my content and some scumbag replicating it in a content slum – but they can’t – when enough slums exist the original is lost in the noise." Via FunnyMonkey, which observes, "you can't license people into good behavior." Perhaps not, but I find the 'non-commercial" restriction does the job for me, even if Creative Commons has entered into a campaign against the NC condition.

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How McAfee Cloud Identity Manager Benefits Higher Ed IT Professionals
Wayne Rash, EdTech, May 2, 2013

We're still a few months before services like this reach prime time (and push MOOCs off the front pages) but they're coming and eventually everybody will use one or another. "Cloud Identity Manager provides users with single sign-on access to cloud ­applications. In addition, the identity management tool creates a web portal for a variety of online services, ranging from LinkedIn to Amazon, to which users can connect with a single click." Why isn't it prime time yet? "Implementing McAfee Cloud Identity Manager requires deep knowledge of server operating systems and directory services."

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The Copyright Pentalogy: How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright
Michael Geist, May 2, 2013

From Michael Geist: "I am delighted to report that this week the University of Ottawa Press published The Copyright Pentalogy: How the Supreme Court of Canada Shook the Foundations of Canadian Copyright Law, an effort by many of Canada's leading copyright scholars to begin the process of examining the long-term implications of the copyright pentalogy. The book is available for purchase and is also available as a free download under a Creative Commons licence. The book can be downloaded in its entirety or each of the 14 chapters can be downloaded individually." Good reading for the flight home.

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