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March 13, 2013

Short Term Hacky Fix for ds106 Radio Live Stream Announcing (using Ladiocast)
Alan Levine, CogDogBlog, March 13, 2013

I've nbeen waiting for a long time for an audiocasting tool more user-friendly than nicecast to come along. It's possible that Ladiocast is it. But it doesn't matter to me any more, as I just bought a new Lenovo to replace my MacBook - all part of my long-term project to remove Apple from my life. Actually, now a short-term project because the only remaining piece is the iPad. And with my lenovo, I might not need one at all.

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be you.
redefineschool.com, March 13, 2013

This is quite an interesting site - not a blog, note, but a presentation through hypertext of an alternative vision for school. The writing is light and you have to do a lot of reading between the lines, but that's the point. "Many people are re-imagining public ed. In incredibly cool ways. The only problem is that those ways aren’t accessible to everyone, right now. Some depend on where you live, some on what teacher you get, or what space you get, what resources you have. Some depend on your financial ability to choose. Most depend on assumed basics to be learned. If we redefine public ed, to be about people, about relationships, then everyone gets a go."

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Anatomy of Green Open Access
Bo - Christer Björk, Mikael Laakso, Patrik Welling, Patrik Paetau, Research in Open Access (OA) Publishing, March 13, 2013

From the abstract: "Open Access (OA) is the free unrestricted access to electronic versions of scholarly publications. For peer reviewed journal articles there are two main routes to OA, publishing in OA journals (gold OA) or archiving of article copies or manuscripts at other web locations (green OA). This study focuses on summarizing and extending upon current knowledge about green OA." The paper recounts sme of the issues with Green OA, noting that a great deal of it (like mine) happens on personal home pages, raising issues of persistence.

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