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April 17, 2012

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So Google is No Longer OUseful.info’s Friend…? Use Bing.com instead…
Tony Hirst, OUseful Info, April 17, 2012.

One of the odd things I noticed about Google+ when it launched was its hobbled search system. That was why hashtags didn't work when it was first launched. I deduced that Google+ was using a word index to facilitate search, rather than looking for the string you typed (if you didn't type a word, it would search for the closest word and search for that. The idea of Google determining what words we can search for - and what words we can't - has Orwellian implications I don't even want to think about. And now, it appears, the word index system is spreading to the main Google search. That would explain why such an oddball string as 'OUseful.info' no longer turns up in Google searches. It's a string that is pretty unique to Tony Hirst - and definitely not on Google's list of Approved Words. I don't see how this will help with Google's main problem, which is SEO spam - quite the opposite. But Google Search is definitely on the bubble so far as I'm concerned - I never thought I'd ever leave Google search, but then again, I never thought it would ever become useless.

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Not a Bad Idea, If Not For...
Mark Leggott, LoomWare, April 17, 2012.

Loomware says what I'm thinking: "This recent announcement from the federal government (to completely transition all publications published by the Publishing Program and publications provided by departments to the Depository Services Program from traditional print to exclusively electronic publications) seems like a long time coming and one I personally am mostly in favour of, if only the government wasn't also decimating other services for the 'those with less', including Internet access. Would this not have made so much more sense together with an announcement about the INCREASE in funding for CAP (Community Access Program), instead of the one killing the CAP program?" As an aside, CAP is the one program I have cited on a regular basis (and used, when I was out of town) as single-handedly moving Canada into the information age.

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A Lemonade Stand for Education
Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, April 17, 2012.

Well I have to hand it to the bava - two weeks of Kickstarter fame and he and DS106 have raised $12,643 and funded the project at 301% the original request of $4200.

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Certified Network Teacher
Various Authors, P2PU, April 17, 2012.

Jonas Backelin writes to let me (and you) know that "P2PU is going to launch a promotion of their new courses on 18/4 and I have created a multi-level badges program that will be announced... one task is directly inspired by your assignment in Change11 MOOC." Here's the course: "The challenge 'Certified Networked Teacher' will give you the ability to envision a new future based on the use of web tools in a networked learning scenario. You will then be ready to take on syndicated education in distributed learning environments as an ‘Advanced Networked Teacher’."

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