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March 2, 2012

15 years of Scripting News
Dave Winer, Scripting News, March 2, 2012.

files/images/blue24.big.gif, size: 17417 bytes, type:  image/gif Dave Winer's weblog is fifteen years old. He writes, "You'll find that no other blog has yet claimed 15 years on the planet. Just as five years ago we were first to reach the ten-year milestone." I'm happy to let him have that, but you'll notice I began regularly posting content on my site December 18, 1996, with a short post called 'Use META to add sound'. See here. At the time it was nothing special, just a repost from a bulletin board, and there were already numerous boards and other online contents. My own website dates from early in 1995. His problem, as well as mine, is that the term 'blogging' was only coined a number of years later to describe what we were doing. All of that said, if you ask me, the first weblog was Winer's own 24 hours of Democracy, February 22, 1996. I contributed, but it was Winer's idea and Winer's show and he totally deserves credit for creating the form.

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files/images/Chapter1Fi1.jpg, size: 86568 bytes, type:  image/jpeg
Next is Now
Rob Reynolds, Website, March 2, 2012.

Rob Reynolds writes (and I missed it when it came through a few days ago) "I wrote this to help explain the textbook guild to everyone, and to compile/share my latest research on the overall learning content industry in the US. Hopefully, this will contribute to your success in some way. The book is available for free (in the Direct Digital reader) at the Next Is Now site, but I wanted to give you a PDF and ePub version to make life simple. The Kindle version will go up Monday followed by iBooks, Nook etc." Reynolds, of course, was the voice behind the excellent the xplanation blog, which sadly wrapped up last April. You can download his book, the Future of Learning Content, or read his new blog on the website.

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We’re All Criminals
Tim Stahmer, Assocrted Stuff, March 2, 2012.

files/images/csuspense02.jpg, size: 66355 bytes, type:  image/jpeg The current alphabet soup of laws is preventing the internet from really being used to benefit learning, according to this post. "We spend way too much time and energy in the futile pursuit of trying to shield students from exposure on the web and miss many great opportunities to help them learn to establish and maintain their online identities." Tim Stahmer discusses his lawbreaking activities while Dean Shareski argues teachers are being driven to a life of crime by bad laws. As Stahmer writes, "the convoluted and antiquated business models of the media distributors are cultivating the piracy proclivity in their customers.

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The best learning of my life
George Siemens, elearnspace, March 2, 2012.

One of the reasons we (George Siemens, Dave Cormier and myself) feel we've found something in MOOCs is that we have been hearing this sort of thing a lot over the last three years: "The best learning of my life." Laura McInerney writes, "There was just so. much. learning. And it was awesome in the literal sense of the word – for the entire hour I was in awe of how much information I was able to take in and make sense of in so many different ways."

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