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October 14, 2011

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#Change11: Welcome to week 5: Managing Technology to Transform Teaching
Tony Bates, e-learning and distance education resources, October 14, 2011.

Welcome to week 5 of this Massive Open Online Course organized by George Siemens, Stephen Downes and Dave Cormier. If you want to participate but haven’t registered with #Change11, please do so now by clicking here. It’s free! This week’s topic is Managing technology to transform teaching and looks at how university and college management can bring about changes to transform the institution. A key theme of the discussions will be: Can change come from within, or do we need to re-invent new forms of higher education that are de-institutionalized?

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The State of Diaspora and Fundraising Round Two
Joe Brockmeier, ReadWriteWeb, October 14, 2011.

files/images/diaspora_logo_2011.png, size: 16730 bytes, type:  image/png I was one of those who received Diaspora's personal appeals for more money, having been one of the people to contribute to the first round. Will I send more? Probably. Yes, I gave them more money. Is it money wasted? Well, it could be, but I'm still hoping not. I know, I know, I'm not using Diaspora yet. Maybe I'll never use it. But you know, it might end up being like OLPC - the very existence of the possibility might force commercial providers to build us the alternatives we want. So here's the Diaspora Foundation site. "The initial reaction that many people will have is "what, they're looking for money again so soon?" But $200,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to what Google and Facebook put into development, and they've managed to come a long way in one year."

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Gate One Puts a Terminal Emulator in Your Web Browser
Scott Gilbertson, Webmonkey, October 14, 2011.

Oh, hey, this is cool. "If you’ve ever needed to connect to a remote server without installing any desktop software or doing anything other than opening a new browser window, then you need to check out Gate One. Gate One is a web-based terminal emulator and SSH client that will work in any modern web browser."

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An RDF based Permissions Model
Kurt Cagle, SemanticWeb.com, October 14, 2011.

I've done enough coding of permissions systems to know that they're a pain. So I like this proposal for an RDF-based permissions model. But as I read the article, I am reminded again of the RDF community's general failure to develop readable syntax. This post presents the comments in Turtle, a synonym for TRTL, an acronym of Terse RDF Triples Language. It's better than native RDF, but you still get long convoluted senseless statements. So herewith, DRN, 'Downes RDF Notation'.

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