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July 12, 2011

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Project Close and Wrap-up
Willow Fuchs, JISC, July 12, 2011.

JISC's Research Communications Project has come to a conclusion, the reports written and the wrap-up videos posted. This page has several videos summarizing the project, and this page has a Prezi presentation linking to a variety of deliverables. You can find the briefing papers themselves here I don't have an overall summary of the work, but the following quote is telling: "Rather than exacting tolls through roadblocks along the highway, public investment in the production of scholarly knowledge may best be situated in optional, value-add user services that are easily accessible during the journey." Agreed.

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Internet Trends
Mary Meeker, IT Conversations, July 12, 2011.

More excellent analysis of the technology market from Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker. "'Incumbents, Attackers, and Disruptors' are accelerating mobile Internet development. The ability to gain market share through innovation and motivating shoppers will sort winners from losers in the smartphone market, according to Mary Meeker. Currently, mobile Internet adoption is accelerating because of the demands of modern life, while angles such as flash sales and virtual goods are opportunities still not fully exploited."

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Blackboard Acquisition Opens Door for Multiple Changes
Marti Harris, Gartner, July 12, 2011.

Gartner group analysis of the recent Blackboard sale. "As a result of this agreement, Gartner anticipates a number of changes, including:
- A push to strengthen Blackboard Student Services, such as financial aid, registration and technical support
- A more rapid business analytics development within Blackboard's products, very likely including the assessment and diagnostic areas
- A faster track for Blackboard CourseSites, for a major introduction of a true cloud/software-as-a-service offering of the Blackboard Learn and Blackboard Collaborate platforms
- An increased marketing presence in countries and regions outside North America."

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Social Learning Analytics
Simon Buckingham Shum and Rebecca Ferguson, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, July 12, 2011.

The free and open nature of social networking "calls into question the assumption, inherited from the business intelligence and management information systems orientation, that learning analytics will be designed and controlled solely by institutional educators and administrators in order to optimize learners’ performance." The challenge of social learning analytics, write the authors, is three-fold: first, that of "implementing analytics that have pedagogical and ethical integrity"; second, the turbulent educational landscape "effecting a shift in values which set a new context for thinking about analytics"; and third, understanding the different types of analytics, "each of which has specific technical and pedagogical challenges." Understanding these issues leads to a new understanding of analytics, one which I agree with entirely: "while SLA may be quite legitimately deployed as institutional tools to yield insight for educators and administrators, equally, they should be seen as tools to be placed in the hands of the very subjects being analysed – the learners." Good paper, clearly argued. See also this recent talk, by the same authors, on the subject. Also see this presentation on the enquiry blogger.

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5 key mobile trends you should know about [Lecture]
Alja Isaković, iAlja, July 11, 2011.

Presentation (slides and video) from Alja Isaković. The five points are:
1. Mobile devices are making learning (and other activities) more magical
2. Apps and app stores are rocking the world
3. Website and desktops are changing because of mobile devices
4. Location data makes mobile better
5. The cloud will make everything easier

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