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by Stephen Downes
December 29, 2006

Happy New Year
I am home from Ottawa. This year I will spend New Year's Eve in a comedy club.

2006 was a year of extremes for me. It was a difficult year, but only because it was one where I tried to live my life to the fullest, and I guess I can't regret that. I made memories to last a lifetime, I touched so many places and so many lives, and was more than rewarded in kind.

I dreamed last night that I was given a fine suit, a thousand dollar suit that I would never buy for myself, with a silk scarf and a long overcoat, that when I wore it I looked like and felt like I had found my success in this life. I trimmed my hair, just a bit, to match the suit, and when I walked down the road, I strode forward with a flourish, waving the tail of my coat behind me.

Kia ora. Thank you, to all of you, and best wishes for the coming year. Stephen Downes, Stephen's Web December 29, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

'Single sign-on' Moves a Step Closer
First the announcement: "JISC and Becta recently announced the launch of the UK Access Management Federation, bringing a 'single sign-on' to network and online resources a step closer." Now the criticism: in what sense is this single sign-on? People have to sign on to Google, Yahoo, various blogs, discussion lists, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr and much more. If my sign-on doesn't work in all of these places, it isn't single sign-on - and saying it over and over just doesn't make it so. Call it something else. It's not single sign-on. Ferl, BECTA December 29, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

UCLA to Adopt Moodle
The headline says it all. Wonder how they're feeling these days in Blackboardland. And they can't even steal RSS! Microsoft has beat them to it. Alfred Essa, The Nose December 29, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

Good Riddance To DOPA
The Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA) is history, and just as well, because it would also have deleted bloggers, discussion forums, wikis, and more, at least in the United States. More from Andy Carvin. Tim Stahmer, Assorted Stuff December 29, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

FormTextResizer: Bookmarklet for Resizing Textareas and Text Fields
Very nice. "You know when you're typing an essay into someone else's blog comment form... and you run out of form field space?" Yeah. Especially on Blogger. What's with them, anyways? "After you execute the bookmarklet, any textarea or text field will display a resize cursor when you mouseover it, and to resize a particular field, you click-hold-drag." Via Dave Warlick. Cameron Adams, The Man in Blue December 29, 2006 [Link] [Comment]


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