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by Stephen Downes
December 27, 2006

Youth Discussion: the Role of Adults within Online Teen Spaces
When you start engineering social spaces, as the creators of Second Life are doing with their 'teen spaces', you start selecting for 'appropriate' philosophies. Global Kids (GK) is an adult presence in the teen space - the adults, of course, are screened with background checks. "GK seems likely to be spawned by the same people who create ESRBs (the rating board that attacks games with little detailed descriptions), MPAAs (the movie rating organization prone to giving ratings for speaking up about issues) and probably RIAAs (the music industry association known for blocking free speech and creativity) too." Barry Joseph, Spotlight December 27, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

Informal Learning - Some Definitions
Some definitions to offer some food for thought on the nature of informal learning. Albert Ip, Random Walk in Learning December 27, 2006 [Link] [Comment]

Edison Riding High Again in N.Y.
Scroll down a bit to see this - the same people who whine all the time about being repressed aren't at all squeamish when it comes to preferential hiring, as in this teacher ad on craigslist: "Multi-cultural specialist, self-esteem experts, liberal progressives or their 'klan' relatives need not apply." Mike Klonsky, Small Talk December 27, 2006 [Link] [Comment]


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