Blackboard Acquisition of WebCT  
October 13, 2005 News, blogger reaction and more on the Blackboard acquisition of WebCT - your one-stop source for all the reaction (if I've missed you, send me a note). [Comment]


Ron Baecker and kelly Rankin: Open-Source Webcasting and Media Archiving Software for E-learning, ELearn Magazine October 13, 2005
Seems like it might have been a bad time to buy Centra, as the market for conferencing and webcasting software is commoditizing. This article describes ePresence Interactive Media, a webcasting and collaboration tool for large-scale broadcast of events over the Internet. [Tags: Conferencing] [Comment]

Alec Couros: Edubuntu Released, Couros Blog October 13, 2005
Alec Couros reports, "The first release of Edubuntu, an educational version of Ubuntu Linux, is now available for download. Edubuntu is a flavour of the [WWW] Ubuntu operating system, which is optimised for classroom use." More at the Edubuntu website. [Tags: Operating Systems] [Comment]

Alan Levine: RSS Mixers, Cogdogblog October 13, 2005
This is a nifty little experiment, showing how different feed mixing services render the combined input of a half-dozen Canadian edubloggers' blogs. [Tags: Web Logs, Canada] [Comment]

Brian Lamb: My Big Fat Lousy Screencast -- Beyond the Blog, Abject learning October 13, 2005
At 43 megabytes, it is certainly fat, but reviews have been positive, so it is not lousy. Brian Lamb takes his ripping and mixing to the video screen as this screencast explores the world beyond blogs - things like Flickr, del.icious and more. And I am honored to have written the first item he remembered that he forgot to mention in the show. Heh. This link is to a web page with a short summary and a link to the video itself. [Tags: Web Logs] [Comment]