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February 20, 2002

The Convergence Culture Clash Another one of these items from thw world of online news, this time looking at the (eventual) convergence of television, radio and online sources. Contains useful advice for educators: note especially the old/new comparisons. Some examples: "Old: Own the story; New: Share the story; Old: Beat the competition; New: Redefine the competition." By Cory Bergman, Lost Remote, February 18, 2002.[Refer]

Yahoo! Education I hadn't seen this before, but Scott Wilson at CETIS flagged the new Yahoo! Education site about a week ago. Touted as a free service (of course Yahoo! Groups moderators know better, as a fee structure has just been proposed for that 'free' service), Yahoo! Education allows educators to set up a calendar and syllabus and to upload course content. It also supports messaging and polling, features familiar to Yahoo! Groups users. Think of Blackboard from a few years ago and you essentially have the Yahoo! Education site. But - since it's Yahoo! - there is a lot they could do with content search and syndication services. I have created a test course if you would like to try it out - click here to access the course. You will be asked to register with Yahoo! if you haven't already done so - and who hasn't, really? I guess the service has been around for a while - there are dozens of courses already created. By , Yahoo!, .[Refer]

Finnish Universities Release Free VLE with Support for Educational Modelling Language (EML) One of the first VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) to support the Educational Modeling Language (EML), FLE3 is an open-source web-based learning environment built on the ZOPE content management platform (ZOPE is also open source). FLE3 is based on a collaborative approach to learning; as its website says, "groups may carry out knowledge building dialogues, theory building and debates by storing their thoughts into a shared database. In the knowledge building groups may use knowledge types (also called thinking types) to scaffold and structure their dialogues." FLE3 was developed by the UIAH Media Lab at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki and the Centre for Research in Networked Learning and Knowledge Building at the University of Helsinki. The FLE3 website is http://fle3.uiah.fi/ By Scott Wilson, CETIS, February 19, 2002.[Refer]

The ADL SCORM Version 1.2 Conformance Test Suite Version 1.2 ADL releases the SCORM Version 1.2 Conformance Test Suite Version 1.2 (Self Test). Available to the ADL community since last October (so some of you may have some catching up to do), this Test Suite is the one used during ADL Plugfests and other ADL events. This release coincides with some updates to the SCORM 1.2 specification (so that would be SCORM 1.2.1, right? Note to ADL - when you make changes you're supposed to change the version number). The download is actually located here - click on the 'Software' link to find the Stest Suite (I must say, the ADL site is about as user-hostile as any site on the net). By Press Release, Advanced Distributed Learning, February 20, 2002.[Refer]


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