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February 1, 2002

Analysis of 2001 MAP Results for eMINTS Students The eMINTS Program supports elementary teachers as they develop student-centered, inquiry-based instructional practices using multimedia and computer technology. This study reports on student test reqults under the eMINTS program as compared to a control group. The sample size is quite large - 12,000 in four Grade 3 and 4 subjects comprising almost 300 classes. And the reslts show a noticable and consistent improvement in performance by eMINTS students over the non-eMINTS students. PDF document. By OSEDA Evaluation Team , eMINTS, January, 2002.[Refer]

Broken Links: Just How Rapidly Do Science Education Hyperlinks Go Extinct? The point of this short item is to track the number of URLs used in the science education community that disappear over the course of a year or so. Not surprisingly, there is a decline. "Such resources," write the authors, "are not stable and permanent in the sense of a traditional textbook." Which got me thinking. If textbooks are so "stable and permanent" why do schools, libraries and students have to buy billions worth of new textbooks every year? By John Markwell and David W. Brooks, University of Nebraska, December 13, 2001.[Refer]

IBM Mindspan Solutions Introduces Next Generation e-Learning Platform IBM jumps into the e-learning game in a big way (bigger than LearningSpace, anyways) with the launch of a suite of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) based e-learning applications. Of interest is the link between the e-learning applications and a knowledge management service, this allowing (according to the press release) companies to integrate their corporate knowledge directly into their learning. The suite also includes a "live virtual classroom." By Press Release, IBM, January 28, 2002.[Refer]


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