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December 3, 2001

Dr. Ed's SCORM Course Nifty little online course covering the essentials of ADL's SCORM. I really like the look and feel of the course, but at the same time, it makes me feel the weaknesses of online courses in general. Is the best way for me to learn SCORM to view pages of text and then to answer an online quiz? That said, the content here is really good and comprehensive (including, for example, information on SCORM's run-time environment). By Edward R. Jones, , November, 2001.[Refer]

A Lost Tradition: Haggis Hurling Knowledge of this dying art is fading fast. Thankfully, the internet now has an online course that teaches you the fundamentals with an excellent overview and some nice animations (and 'the yell'). Obviously not (that) serious, this guide is a demo from The Learning Channel. You can see two other demos (of a more serious nature) at http://www.learning-channel.com/examples.htm including the recently released 'What Is Philosophy?' By , , .[Refer]

eCLIPSE Themes: Mobile or m-Learning This page is a useful entry to a set of resources (uncluding vendor lists, practical examples, tools and references) directed toward wireless, or mobile, learning. What I like about this page is not so much the content (though the content is quite good) but rather the way eCLIPSE uses a 'themes' page like this to provide access to specialized resources in a larger database. By Unknown, e-Learning Centre, November 16, 2001.[Refer]

Next Frontiers: Family Life Ignore the title of this item. One of the subtitles is better: Living in a Wireless World. This is a pretty good analysis of how always-on wireless internet access will change our lives. No doubt it gets some things wrong (people will not stand for attack ads everytime you walk past a Starbucks, for example; nor do most people check their stock quotes while they're out for lunch). But it gets the feel of living in a wireless world, the idea that you can have anything - news, music, learning - at your fingertips wherever you are. This is a set of four articles; links at the bottom of the page. By Various Authors, NewsWeek, December 15, 2001.[Refer]

Talking Turkey - New Directions For E-learning in 2002 A pretty good set of predictions about e-learning for the next year, none of which I would seriously dispute. Of course, most of them are pretty easy: the trend toward blended learning, for example, the rise of simulations, the merger of e-learning and knowledge management. All these have been in the wings for some time now. By Clive Shepherd, Fastrak Consulting, December 1, 2001.[Refer]


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