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November 12, 2001

HyperBee Search Engine Follows Seti@Home Model Now in beta testing mode (you can sign up to be part of the test), HyperBee is a new search engine service that uses peer-to-peer technology to create an index of the web. The HyperBee site is at http://www.hyperbee.com By Dick Kelsey, NewsBytes, November 9, 2001.[Refer]

Open Source Objects for Teaching and Learning This is good stuff. Michigan State University?s Learning Online Network is building an open platform for the development and distribution of online content. The network, dubbed LON-CAPA (Learning Online Network - Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach) will make online content freely and openly available to any instructor in the sciences or social sciences. By Unknown, Syllabus, November, 2001.[Refer]

Comdex: Gates unveils Tablet PC prototypes According to Bill Gates, desktop computers will soon be replaced by tablet style PCs that you can take anywhere. You will be able to use a pen (more accurately, a stylus) to add noted. It will be connected to a wireless network. The first of these was unveiled at this week's Comdex convention. By Matt Berger and James Niccolai, InfoWorld, November 12, 2001.[Refer]

Librarians Urged to Promote Open Archives University of Montreal professor Jean-Claude Guédon is urging libraries to preserve open access to archives. Guédon proposes a new alliance between research scientists and librarians to combat the "serial publishing crisis" in which scientific journals have been priced out of the range of many libraries. By Press Release, Association of Research Libraries, November 6, 2001.[Refer]


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