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October 29, 2001

Judge: Web Site Must ID University Critics A web hosting company is required by a court to divulge the names of anonymous critics of a university administration. The critics alleged that outgoing University of Louisiana-Monroe president Lawson Swearingen misdirected funds and lied to university boosters. By Associated Press, Editor & Publisher, October 23, 2001.[Refer]

Hyperbole over Cyberspace: Self-presentation & Social Boundaries in Internet Home Pages and Discourse Grab a coffee (or a glass of red wine) and wade into this interesting excursion into the nature of identity on the internet. It offers a strong argument to suggest that that concept of 'alternative identities' offered in early discussions of the internet misrepresent what is actually happening. What we see, essentially, is the individual placed into a wider social context that would be observed normally. Though the essay draws on Foucault's theory of social construction, I see in it also echos of McLuhan's view of technology as an extension of ourselves. By Eleanor Wynn and James E. Katz, The Information Society 13(4): 297-328, 1997.[Refer]

Welcome to Zork Ah, this takes me back... my first experience with online gaming was while I was working with Texas Instruments. While on a training trip to Austin, Texas, I was introduced to a mainframe game called Adventure. This was in 1981. Gaming has come a long way since, but this site evokes the spirit (and the wonder) of the original. By Tim Anderson, et.al., Thcnet, October 25, 2001.[Refer]

Embed User Values in System Architecture: The Declaration of System Usability The paper's abstract says it best: "The underlying architecture of complex software products profoundly influences their direction and usability. This paper shares an effort to embed usability within the architecture of complex network products. We began by attempting to build a conceptual model, but we ended by representing customers' and users' values in a Declaration of System Usability to guide product direction and system architecture decisions. " By Elizabeth M. Comstock, et.al., Digital (CHI 96), 1996.[Refer]

BlogBoard for IS271 Good example of a weblog (blog) being used for educational purposes. By Rashmi Sinha, UC Berkeley, 2001.[Refer]

Peer-to-Peer for Academia What role does academia have to play in the development of peer-to-peer technology? When it first appeared, academia tried to stop it (because of bandwidth concerns). This essay suggests a number of ways academics could help improve P2P, suggesting research in such areas as security, architecture and metadata. By Andy Oram, OpenP2P, October 29, 2001.[Refer]

Levitated Daily Source Why this newsletter is sometimes late - sites like this can be really distracting. Don't open this link five minutes before lunch. And be ready to see Flash stretched to its limits (hint: click the links at the bottom of the page for navigation). By , , .[Refer]


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