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October 15, 2001

Virtual Community, Real People Power point slides and a nice MS Word version of the article posted on my website and presented at LearnScope's Expert Spruik. By Stephen Downes, , October 8, 2001.[Refer]

The Learning Marketplace Lengthy set of powerpoint slides for an all day seminar I delivered in Sydney, Australia, last week. The presentation describes the concept of the learning marketplace, then looks at the underlying technologies supporting it: resource descriptions, learning objects and learning content management systems. By Stephen Downes, , October 8, 2001.[Refer]

Online Learning: From Virtual to Reality Colorful set of powerpoint slides for my presentation delivered at Net*Working 2001. In this presentation I advance the idea that online learning enables education to become more real by moving it from the abstract environment of the classroom into peoples homes and workplaces. By Stephen Downes, , October 15, 2001.[Refer]

Building a Learning Community Streaming video presentation of a seminar I conducted in Melbourne for TAFE Frontiers. In this presentation I look at not only the essential elements of an online learning community but also what it takes to make an online community work. You'll need a good internet connection; it takes a bit to load and won't work at all in Netscape 6 (they are redesigning the delivery). By Stephen Downes, TAFE Frontiers, October 15, 2001.[Refer]

Unrest in the Ivory Tower: Privatization of the University My new article in USDLA Journal. Academics must resist the trend toward the commodification of education or universities will become privatized is the position well stated and supported by Steve Eskow and many within academia. On the contrary: the more professors resist, the greater the likelihood that privatization will happen, and that would be a tragedy. By Stephen Downes, USDLA Journal, October, 2001.[Refer]


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