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October 5, 2001

In Oldenburg’s Long Shadow: Librarians, Research Scientists, Publishers, and the Control of Scientific Publishing A long and detailed analysis of the high cost of scientific journals along with a proposal for an open system of scientific publication. The author places the blame for high prices squarely in the hands of publishers, but also notes that academics have been compliant, especially regarding the use of publications as much as a tol for evaluation (for, e.g., tenure) as for communication. A new publishing strategy will have to work hand in hand with a new evaluation strategy. Good read, but as I said, long. By Jean-Claude Guédon, Association of Research Libraries (ARL) proceedings, October 1, 2001.[Refer]

E-Learning Delivers a 2284% ROI for IBM According to an Independent Report From Nucleus Research With numbers like this, you can be sure that online learning will continue to take hold in the corporate world. By Press Release, Nucleus Research, October 2, 2001.[Refer]

New ASP Edition of Saba Learning Saba Learning releases a new ASP version of its learning manager for corporate learning. The new version is AICC compliant, enables certification, management sign-offs, and corporate customization. A demonstration is set for October 11; contact them for details. By Press Release, Saba, October 2, 2001.[Refer]

International Trade Relations Report Piracy Has it come to this? The Association of American Publishers (AAP) is offering rewards for information leading to the conviction of copyright violators. However, as the useful FOS newsletter reports, if you read the fine print, the AAP makes clear that it means violations of rights held by publishers, not violation of rights held by purchasers and readers. By Announcement, Association of American Publishers, .[Refer]

Educational Cyber Playground Fun site with a good area for beginners cointaining a host of eductaional resources, educational curricula, list of vendors and more. By , , .[Refer]

The Voice of Guy Bensusan Recordings by Guy Bensusan speaking at Global Learn Day numbers 3 and 4. By Guy bensusan, Global Learn Day 5, October 5, 2001.[Refer]


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