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September 24, 2001

OLDaily Publication Breaks

We are not yet at the point where I can sit in an airplane over the Prairies or over the Pacific and compile and send a newsletter. Close, but not quite. Consequently, as I travel across Canada to and from New Brunswick this week, and thence to Australia on Friday, OLDaily will experience some publication interruptions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

After the PC, What Next? My Proposal for the Next Platform When people talk about ubiquitous computing they sometimes think of a computer in every room. But as computing enters our everyday lives, we will see fewer computers and more handy-dandy devices - things like game consoles. I think this article is spot on: we should be thinking about what happens once computers are embedded in everyday devices. By David Coursey, ZD Anchrodesk, September 24, 2001.[Refer]

Web Site Evolution Defines and describes three stages of the evolution of web sites. Good descriptions and a fair number of links to resources. Intended as an introduction to the Content Management System (CMS) Product Matrix. By Laura L. Carlson, University of Minnesota Duluth, .[Refer]

CMS Product Matrix A content management system (CMS) is a tool for managing large websites using databases, templates and a host of other features. This very useful page lists more than 40 major brands of content management software, comparing them on the basis of web server, platforms, code base and scripting language, web interface, database support, and cost. Enormously useful; links to each vendor. By Laura L. Carlson, University of Minnesota Duluth, .[Refer]

Collection See, this is how the web works. One person writes to a list and asks for "resources for 'learning environment for e-learning' from a constructivist persepective" on a popular distance education list. People send an impressive list of contributions from around the world. Our original poster compiles the submissions, produing a nice page chock full of links to useful resources and posts it back to the original list. Included are books, web sites, discussion lists and more. If you are interested in constructivism or learning theory in general, add this post to your bookmark collection. By Gianni Marconato, DEOS-L, September 23, 2001.[Refer]

$12m Funding for Middleware and Grid Center in the US The National Science Foundation (NSF) today announced the program called the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI). NMI will create and deploy advanced network services that will make it easier for Internet users to access a wide range of resources available through high-performance networks. For example, they will be able to share scientific tools, such as telescopes or modeling software, access supercomputing systems and databases, and run simulations in real-time with colleagues across the country and around the world. By Press Release, NSF, September 24, 2001.[Refer]

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