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September 20, 2001

Education Touts Loan Default Tool By matching its student loan database with another agency's new hires database, the U.S. Education Department has drastically reduced the number of student loan defualts. We'll defer questions about privacy until later. By Greg langlois, FCW.Com, September 20, 2001.[Refer]

Time Is Coming for Digital Rights Management predictions of significant growth in the digital rights management industry (DRM - this is the technology that secures eBooks) and suggestions for applications. By Malcolm Maclachlan, IDC Newsletter, September 20, 2001.[Refer]

Effective Info Architecture Quick list of major steps to organizing large bodies of information. Not a lot of depth but a useful overview of the sorts of questions asked by information architects. By Andrew Chak, Web Techniques, October, 2001.[Refer]

Clue to Publishers: You're Selling Experiences, Not Content A good - if short - analysis with the central thesis that publishers sell experience, not content. "One fact has been forgotten in all the hubbub surrounding Dmitry Sklyarov's incarceration for distributing eBooks technology: no one reads eBooks. Moreover, if the print publishing industry continues to cripple digital book formats, no one ever will." By Zimran Ahmed, Winterspeak, July 27, 2001.[Refer]

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