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September 14, 2001

eLearning Jump Page With a crisp, clean design and a new URL, the eLearning jump page is one of those useful e-learning portals you want to check from time to time. Good like of online publications and journals, a daily weblog, background information and selected links. By Jay Cross, Internet Time Group, 2001.[Refer]

Ocean of Knowledge This is pretty cool. In The Future of Online Learning I talked about how education would move from inside the classroom and out into the community. Here is an example of what I meant: students in the Ocean Learning Academy are studying ocean navigation and coral reefs from the sea itself. "Their campus is the coastlines; their classroom is the Hokule'a." By Leila Fujimori, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, September 4, 2001.[Refer]

Thanks for the Memories Good item trolled by elearningpost from CIO Magazine. This case study describes knowledge management processes used at Northrop Gumman, an aviation firm. What I like about this article is its discussion of how knowledge is retained in organizations. Northrop took a three pronged approach: they identified and retained experts, created communities of practice, and encouraged knowledge sharing. By Megan Santosus, CIO magazine, September, 2001.[Refer]

Free Online Technology Mentoring Available See, now this is a great use of the internet and a great example of sharing. Tech Corps, a national nonprofit agency, working to improve the use of technology in schools, has developed Techs4Schools. Techs4Schools is a free online mentoring program staffed completely by volunteers to provide technical assistance to technology coordinators in schools. By unknown, Link to Learn, September 13, 2001.[Refer]

Lydia Lydia is the first open learning object marketplace I have seen (as opposed to learning marketplaces signing exclusive deals with publishers or specific learning management systems) and is now calling on learning object developers to sign up and contribute their materials. Use IE to access; the site behaves very badly in Netscape. By Lydia, , 2001.[Refer]

Leadership Perspectives in Crisis The Masie Center interviews management gurus in the wake of the World Trade Center disaster and places the results in audio format online. In an email advertising the work Masie calls it "a real-time e-Learning project." I am inclined to agree, and applaud this useful and innovative contribution. Good chats including a very frank message from Tom Peters, a contribution by Stephen Covey, and a half dozen more. By Elliott Masie, The Masie Center, September 14, 2001.[Refer]

Augmented Books, Knowledge, and Culture Interesting though lengthy discussion of the organization of information using hypertext and its application to the organization of information in wider society to produce a world wide knowledge base. Discussion of the implications of this, including trends toward the privatization of knowledge and a concept of knowledge as a public good. Very clear, very forward thinking and supplemented with useful and informative diagrams. By Kim H. Veltman, INET 2000, July, 2000.[Refer]

LearnScope The new LearnScope site is up. LearnScope is a professional development initiative within the Australian Flexible Learning Framework 2000 - 2004 for vocational, education and training (VET) practitioners through the development of skills. I confess to a certain fondness for this site having worked with some of the designers in the early conceptual stages. By LearnScope, , September, 2001.[Refer]

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