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September 13, 2001

An Unspeakable Tragedy
My reaction to the World Trade Center disaster. By Stephen Downes

Re-learning e-Learning Interview with Thomas Koulopoulos, author of The X-Economy and president and founder The Delphi Group. Mostly a good justification for just-in-time e-learning (because of today's fast paced working world) with some discussion of blended learning. By Elaine M. Cummings, Darwin Online, September 1, 2001.[Refer]

San Diego Company Quietly Provides Online Courses to Nearly 1,000 Institutions Interesting article spotlighting Education to Go, a company that brokers online learning courses through other institutions. By Michael Arnone, Chronicle of Higher Education, September 12, 2001.[Refer]

Managing Digital Video Content I don't have time to review all of these presentations for you but if you work in digital video you'll want to check out this conference site. Most of the presentations (in Power Point format) are online. Also, Peter Marshall of CANARIE has posted a really good summary of the conference in the CADE-ACED discussion list on Yahoo groups - you have to join the list to read the summary, but it's worth the effort. By Peter Marshall, Coalition for Networked Information, August 15, 2001.[Refer]

Participation in Job-Related Training In the 1990s the need for workplace training was greater than ever before. So one would expect an increase in participation in workplace training. But in fact, a drop occurred; this study tries to find the reasons why. It only partly succeeds: it identifies an overall positive trend, counterbalanced by a negative participation among men. The author speculates that this may be due to the rise of informal training as a means of acquiring knowledge. Good call, I'd say. The link is to an HTML page; the full study is in PDF format. By André Léonard, Education Quarterly Review, Vol. 7, no. 4, Summer, 2001.[Refer]

Should You Buy Your Software of Lease It Leasing is increasingly being offered as an option to schools and colleges. It saves some up front costs and installation woes, but may increase costs and definitely increases the need for training - no version-skipping on a lease. I'm inclined to agree with this conclusion: "unless leasing is forced on us, I don’t see businesses going for it in a huge way. It sounds so nice to have everything Internet-based, but it isn’t always that simple." By unknown, Managing Technology, September, 2001.[Refer]

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