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August 29, 2001

Accessibility/Usability: The Morning After Discussion of accessibility, usability and their relation to web standards. Some good comments, good links, odd presentation format. By Kevin W. Bishop, Presented to Higher Education Web Professionals, July 31, 2001. [Refer] (Link)

LCMS Roundup Unusually light article from Learning Circuits providing an update on the Learning Content Management System (LCMS) scene. Lists (and links to) five LCMS vendors. By Ryann K. Ellis, Learning Circuits, August, 2001. [Refer] (Link)

Online Learning Grows Up Magazine style portrayal of online learning as an established discipline. Points to some of the clear advantages of online learning, including one I can sympathize with: "Adam Dearing begged his mom not to send him back to school. 'It's not fair that I have to sit and wait for the other kids,' he told her." By Kathleen Vail, Electronic School, September, 2001. [Refer] (Link)

In the Mail Good article that quickly summarizes the use of email management tools to incorporate company (or organization) email into a knowledge management system. Now of course there are certain privacy and security issues here. On the other hand, most of the good stuff in your institution is being passed from person to person by email. It's a tough call. Very good list of relevant vendors and products at the end of the article. By John Harney, CMP.Net, August 17, 2001. Thanks to elearningpost for digging up this item. [Refer] (Link)

IsitQ Knowledge Base The International Society for Improving Training Quality (IsitQ) has just launched a new knowledge base. I like the organization but (not surprisingly) find it light on resources. I'm linking to it because it might become a useful resource. But the people at IsitQ have done the easy part - setting it up. But a knowledge base can't just sit there accumulating resources (even assuming the IsitQ people commence the endless task of accumulating resources). It needs to be active, to be living, to be integrated into other services. And it has to be more than a bare listing of resources - otherwise, you may as well use Google. It needs a value-add (and more than just a 'rate-this-resource' feature). [Refer] (Link)

The Internet Backlash Good review and sound commentary depicting the actions of content publishers and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA) as a "counterreformation" in reaction to the free-flowing nature of the internet. By Felix Stalder, Telepolis, August 28, 2001. [Refer] (Link)

Trial Solution We have a winner in the "most impressive acronym" category - TRIAL SOLUTION stands for Tools for Reusable, Integrated, Adaptable Learning - Systems/standards for Open Learning Using Tested, Interoperable Objects and Networking. Be sure to try out the demo to see some of the potential (and some of the really glaring usability problems) in this application of learning objects. [Refer] (Link)

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