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August 13, 2001

OOOPS... this repeat of today's newsletter is brought to you courtesy of the missing URLs in the text version... but while I'm writing, check out my new and improved search function (which caused the missing URLs in the text version).

Parents Tune In to School Radio Broadcasting on FM is so twentieth century, so you can expect an internet version of this idea to come along any day. Can we say: business niche? By Sharon Cromwell, Education World, August 7, 2001. [Refer]

Hungry Minds to be Acquired by John Wiley I don't cover acquisitions. It says so on my 'about' page. But. Hungry Minds, the educational portal I predicted was headed for trouble (see my article, Hungry Minds: A Commentary on Educational Portals) is acquired by the publishing company, John Wiley & Sons. This puts a whole different spin on what Hungry Minds is up to: because it has turned from a portal to an educational content syndication service. To put the same point another way: members' online courses just became online publications. Big difference. Business Wire Press Release,August 13, 2001. [Refer]

Looking at the Bigger Picture OK, ignore the stuff about management consultants and focus on the insight in this article: who are the key customers of business schools? The alumni! "The incoming student is a future alumnus, goes the theory, and with lifelong learning the mantra on everyone's lips, alumni are the paymasters of the future." Well, now... By Della Branshaw, Financial Times, Aug 13, 2001. [Refer]

SPACE Some things are cool and some things are beyond cool. This site launched by Canada's SchoolNet is beyond cool. Co-sponsored by the Canadian Space Agency, the title says it all... SPACE [Refer]

With National e-University, Britain Gets in the Online-Education Game I hardly accept the initial take in this article, which is that britain has not been involved in online learning until now. But this item is still useful as it outlines Britain's plans for a national online university. Maybe they should call it Open U2. Heh. By Sarah Carr, the Chronicle of Higher Education, August 17, 2001. [Refer]

Origin of the Patents OK, so it's not online learning (unless you include machine learning). But it's too cool to pass over. Machines may one day replace humans as inventors. This article describes a system that, when given a problem, uses a Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' alogrithm to create an appropriate software solution. Interesting. One day, instead of writing software, we may talk about growing software. By By Eric Knorr, Technology Review, August 3, 2001. [Refer]

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