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August 9, 2001

Private Schools Lose Ground in Hiring, Keeping Teachers You have to figure this trend will affect the online sector as well: it is becoming difficult for private schools to compete because of rising salaries and competition from the public sector. By Massie Ritsch, L.A. Times, August 8, 2001 (note that this link will expire by August 15). [Refer]

Commercialism in Schools New ERIC digest and collection of information related to the increasing commercialization of the school system. By Kirstin Larson, Research Roundup 18, 1, Fall 2001. [Refer]

2 Scholars Face Off in Copyright Clash In a Chronicle article unsure of which way it wants to fall in the debate, two professors express their views on copyright and the recent enforcements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in the United States. Trotter Hardy says it nicely, "Academics make a living from free speech. They don't make a living from copyrights, and they don't sell copyrighted works. They use them, quote them, pass them around, and use them in publishing their research." By Andrea L. Foster, the Chronicle of Higher Education, August 10, 2001. [Refer]

Going Mobile Nice look at the role of the personal digital assistant (PDA) in on-the-spot online learning. Gives a book background for the industry's next buzzword: m-learning (believe me, you will be sick of that buzzword by this time in 2002). By Paul Harris, Learning Circuits, July, 2001. [Refer]

Executive Summary: A Vision of E-Learning for America's Workforce Really nice, clear, short summary of the recommendations of the National Governors Association (NGA) Commission on Technology and Adult Learning. By Cynthia Pantazis, learning Circuits, August, 2001. [Refer]

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