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Jul 30, 2001

Rip, Mix & Burn Your Education The informal tone of this article may take you by surprise, but the content is first-rate and authoritative and the diagrams, though whimsical, add an intuitive feel to the presentation. Forget the title: the author discusses essentially the application of P2P (Person-to-eprson) technology to education. Plenty of links and examples. A must-read. By Thom Gillespie, Technos Quarterly, Volume 10, Number 2, Summer, 2001. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

Copyright Reform Process The Canadian government is holding hearings into the reform of its copyright legislation. You have until September 15 to submit comments. This introductory page links to a highlights sheet and a discussion paper, both in PDF. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

The True Struggle Behind the MS-Open Source Fight: Ideology I think this article has an important observation to make as it argues that "the real debate isn't so much about technology as economic opportunity, about 'little people' who feel disenfranchised and 'big people' who don't understand what the fuss is all about." I think the same reasoning also applies to many of the debates in online learning, for example, the recent debates on DEOS about SCORM or the question of whether libraries are abusing copyright. By David Coursey, ZD Anchordesk, July 27, 2001. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

Magic or Realism? Transforming Learning Styles into Design Features in Net-based Education I know some people will quibble, saying there's no measurable difference attributable to learning styles. I disagree, and I really like this approach which translates differences in measured learning styles to differences in online learning architecture. By Carl Eneroth, learning Technology, Volume 3, Number 3, July, 2001. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

Project-Based Learning Just Became Easy: An Introduction to WebQuests WebQuests are projects posted on the web that are available for online learners when they are ready for them. Assemble a team (dynamically), access the project, and start questing. Good article with links, references and more. By Adam Garry, Learning Technology, Volume 3, Number 3, July, 2001. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

Just-in-Time Journalism Elearningpost picks up on this idea of 'just-in-time' journalism, an idea, of course, that could be extended to a classroom... or to a conference, as I showed at NAWeb 2000. CamWorld, July 28, 2001. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

Amazon.Com e-Documents Amazon.Com has just started selling e-documents, which means it's only a matter of time before it starts selling online textbooks and similar online learning materials. Submitted on Jul 30, 2001 [Refer]

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