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Jul 19, 2001

And Now a Word From Their Cool College Sponsor Interesting. Two students pay their college tuition by selling themselves as advertising billboards. They wear the company's logo on their surfboards, surf shorts, camp shirts, indeed, an entire wardrobe's worth of clothing, blurring the line between their life as average college students and their role as pitchmen. By Kate Zernike, the new York Times, July 19, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Federal Ban on Recruitment Bonuses Causes Problems for U. of Maryland's Online Venture The headline is overstated, to say the least, but the item raises another issue in the realm of public institutions collaborating with corporate partners. The question is: are the partners bound by the same rules as the public institution? The answer seems to be, mostly, yes. By Dan Carnevale, the Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Britannica.com to Launch Fee-based Subscription Service Net junkies may remember that when the Encyclopedia first launched its online service it tried to charge subscriptions. It failed. Then it tried to support the service with advertising. That failed, too, and so now the Encyclopedia is returning to a subscription fee of $5 per month. I boldly predict another failure. Maybe in the days of instant access to everything the days of the ponderous encyclopedia are over... By Linda Rosencrance, Computerworld, July 19, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Who, What, Where, Why and Web The rise of the internet is distracting journalism students as they spend as much time learning how to use the technology as they do learning about journalism itself. I suspect this is true in many other disciplines as well. By Alison Schafer, Wired News, July 18, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

SURFsite A guide to online encyclopaedias. By Linda Bruce, the Age,Wednesday 18 July, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Algonquin College Buys a Company's Online Training Division Algonquin College, in Ottawa, Canada, has bought a majority stake in the e-learning division of Calian Technology. I suppose getting into acquisitions is the inevitable result of running a college like a business. I have no idea whether this will work but I give Algonquin administration high marks for creativity. By Karen Birchard, the Chronicle of Higher Education, July 19, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Guidance on Style Guides: Lessons Learned Talks about the design and purpose of style guides, offers an analysis of why some style guides fail and provides tips for creating style guides. Good overview. By Chauncey E. Wilson, Usability Interface, Vol 7, No. 4, April 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Deep Structure: Blueprinting the Site Interface An interesting approach to web page design: separating the page structure from the graphic design. The technique is called 'blueprinting' and is used to judge the effects of structure on navigation without being distracted by design considerations. By Patrick J. Lynch, March 9, 2000. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Information Architecture and Web Usability Resources Useful overview article listing a number of popular resources on information architecture and usability. By By Hal P Kirkwood, FreePint, July 19, 2001. Submitted on Jul 19, 2001 [Refer]

Top Ten Trends for Online Communities The bad news is familiar: advertsements, subscription fees, mergers and acquisitions... but the good news is that online communities are beginning to mature and some are even beginning to see a network effect. By Jim Cashel, Online Community Report, July, 2001. Submitted on Jul 18, 2001 [Refer]

E-Learning and Knowledge Management at the Crossroads Questions typical e-learning practices and suggest that e-learning and knowledge management strategies should be coordinated, especially within a corporate training environment. I heartily agree, and suggest further that colleges and universities should be looking at sector specific knowledge and learning communities. Some have. By Tim Kounadis, osOpinion.com, July 17, 2001 Submitted on Jul 18, 2001 [Refer]

Ready or Not, Here Come the Digital Libraries Good analysis of the trend toward (subscription based) online resource services. By Ron Feemster, University Business, July, 2001. Submitted on Jul 18, 2001 [Refer]

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