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Jul 13, 2001

A New Economics for a New Medium I follow the online content industry fairly closely in this newsletter because many of the lessons learned in that field are equally applicable to the field of online learning. This article - which is so badly formatted it is almost impossible to read - is a case in point. The author asserts that web site periodicals cannot succeed. Three reasons: 1. New Media's advertising revenue economics are fundamentally different than those of print. 2.People won't pay for content they don't often use even when it's free. 3. And the Web is an inconvenient format for consumers to use. By Vin Crosbie, presentation to NetMedia 2001, London, U.K., July 5, 2001. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

Watch Those Radical Librarians The Association of American Publishers seems to find libraries and the free sharing of information they promote to be dangerously radical stuff. Like, really radical: check this out: "'They've got their radical factions, like the Ruby Ridge or Waco types,' who want to share all content for free, said Judith Platt, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Publishers." By Simon St.Laurent, Write the Web, July 12, 2001. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

Quia Mathematics Activities involving numerous mathematical topics, such as multiplication, decimals, fractions, and trigonometry, are presented using virtual flash cards, word searches, games, and mini quizzes. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

The Human Factor Knowledge management in the corporate environment. Director of the Institute for Intellectual Capital Research Nick Bontis discusses knowledge management's missing link. The technology is easy, he says: the human part is hard. For this reason, human resource departments should be a major player in any corporate knowledge strategy. By Chuleenan Svetvilas, CMP Net, July 10, 2001. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

Information About Information Short but useful white paper from Moreover describing information needs in the corporate environment. In sum: employes want relevant information that is delivered at the point of need. They want a self-service environment (but with high-touch support). In a corporate portal, they want the best of the open Web, both internal and external content, and a search engine that works. White Paper in PDF format - you may need to fill out a form to view the paper. Moreover, July 6, 2001. Training, marketing and content that is embedded in businessprocesses Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

A Framework for Adaptative and Cooperative Learning for the Internet: SMART Learning Development of course materials at schools in Morocco. The course document is constituted with an XML and XSL document. The XML document is generated from a prototype DTD document, which we had realized, and the XML entities are composed from text, images, and audio files. By Rachida Ajhoun, M. Amine Benkiran and Mahamane Ato Abdelkader, INET 2000 Proceedings, July, 2000. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

Internet in the Classroom and at Home: The Bridging Role of Publishers Overview of the development of internet resources for the classroom in Catalonia, Spain. By Ferran R. Tarrago, INET 2000 Proceedings, July, 2000. Submitted on Jul 13, 2001 [Refer]

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