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Jun 5, 2001

Welcome, new readers. As always, send me your comments at sdownes@ualberta.ca:

The Industry Corporate propaganda is usually pretty bad, but this set of position papers by ISOPIA is clearly written and covers a lot of ground in a hurry. The web presentation is awkward, but follow the links on the left and read the sections on e-learning, learning management systems and application service providers (ASPs). The e-learning glossary is useful too. Released some time in May, 2001 (I wish people would put dates on their materials). Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

HeadFone Fun and potentially cool... Headfone is an instant messaging tool that displays facial expressions as well as messages based on your tone of voice. Interestingly, though it retails for $US 45 (too much, in my opinion), the product is being marketed with discounts and promo copies especially toward college students. Requires Flash 5 and, of course, a sound card and microphone. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

League for Innovation and Online Institutions Create Credit-Transfer Guidelines Two interesting aspects to this article: first, the agreements extend beyond traditional one-to-one college agreements by including tuition discounts, access to shared services, and more. Second, the articulation agreements are with well known distance and online universities such as the University of Phoenix and Western Governors University. Follow the link in the article to the League's website. By Dan Carnevale, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 5, 2001. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

City of Knowledge With its first English language newsletter, this Brazilian newsletter from the Universidade de São Paulo's Institute for Advanced Studies is now able to reach a much wider audience. Be sure to scroll down - many of the articles listed are in Portugese but the summaries are in English and Portugese can be translated. An interesting, refreshing, point of view. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

EdTechNot.Com This is interesting - a page dedicated to the issue of whether to implement educational technology in the classroom. The page lines ups links and resources to a number of researchers on each side of the question, then throws the floor open for discussion. This would be a great resource for many an instructional technology class. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

Trivantis Unveils E-learning Authoring Tool for Pocket PC delivery This is actually a newsworthy item: it is part of a trend toward the development of learning content for mobile computers. But Trivantis's web presence is simply a disaster. The press release does little more than repeat the same sentence over and over. Where's the backgrounder? The white paper? The product is called Lectora Pocket Publisher - the URL is http://www.lectora.com - which I won't even link to because it auto-forwards you through a series of meaningless pages and never does reach a general information page. Terrible. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

Course Management Systems: Today and Tomorrow Archived audio discussion and transcript on the topic of course management systems with guest experts Serge Goldstein and Dirk Herr-Hoyman. The discussion is interesting and the introductory page contains some good background material and links to some solid resources. CREN, Thursday, April 19, 2000. Submitted on Jun 5, 2001

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