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Jun 2, 2001

Welcome, new readers. As always, send me your comments at sdownes@ualberta.ca:

The Spirit of Invention: Edging Our Way to 21st Century Teaching This article lists four 'edge happenings,' that is, developments on the edge of the field that will have a ripple effect throughout. The first two - laptops and ubiquitous computing, and wireless and mobile computing and Networking - aren't very new and aren't very controversial; they will wash over education very shortly. The next - e-books and digital textbooks - is the subject of much controversy, as people will resist renting textbooks and buying special readers. And the last - moving to human-centric computing - is here now. By Judith Boettcher, Syllabus Magazine, June, 2001. Submitted on Jun 1, 2001

Do Charter Schools Pass The Test? Now that charter schools have been around for a few years, it is time to ask whether they met their promise (or the direst fears of critics). The results? Mixed: some seem to be all right, while others quite bad. The take on this article is that, even though some charter schools may be bad, parents at least get the choice to switch schools. Sounds nice in theory... By Jodie Morse, Time, May 29, 2001. Submitted on Jun 1, 2001

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