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What the English of Shakespeare, Beowulf, and King Arthur actually sounded like

Peg Fagan and Charles Hires, Jr.
Podcast Extra: After Oregon
Beyond the Blackboard
The School Leadership Show
Rob Smith Using Film in the Classroom #ScotFLF15
Sarah Wright The Show-Stopping Toolkit #ScotFLF15
ACSJ - Barry Lynn - Church and State Separation: Why Secularists Will Win
Tracie Harris - The Harmful Impact of Religious Family Values
Beyond Belief: Enabling Fruitful Alliances between Non-believers & the Religious
Did Jesus Exist? Dr. Robert M Price, Dr. Richard Carrier, David Fitzgerald Interview Part 1
Public Choice and the Science of Political Skepticism - Daniel Bier - Skepticon 7
An Ex-Muslim's Take on Islam and Taboos- Heina Dadabhoy - Skepticon 7
Coming Out Atheist - Greta Christina - Skepticon 7
God is an Idiot: God's "Perfect" Plan - JT Eberhard - Skepticon 7
Why is Psychology Silent When it Comes to Atheism? - Dr. Melanie Brewster - Skepticon 7
God, Science and the Problem with Nature - Scott Clifton (Theoretical Bullshit) - Skepticon 7
VWAP Explained for Trading Stocks
The Central Dogma of Alternative Medicine - Dr. David Gorski - Skepticon 7
Life as a Rat with a Fancy Neocortex - Peggy Mason - Skepticon 7
Skeptics Can Be Gullible Too - Hemant Mehta - Skepticon 7
Alan Watts - Money, Guilt and The Machine
Clayton Christensen on disruptive innovation - Clarendon Lectures 10th June 2013
152: The Diffusion Network and The Change Agent
Why do we need the State?
Like Fares On A Plane, College Tuition Bills Vary Widely

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