Practical benefits of studying the biological evolution of cooperation
Freire, MOOCs and Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Further thoughts and discussion about rhizomatic learning
The Coming
A Personal API
Stabilizing AWS Costs on UMW Blogs
EDUPUNK: It was pure in my heart!
Sorry, We're Open
BitTorrent: An Educational Autopsy of the Hydra
BlackBoard Is Such an Open Stud
Terminated with Extreme Prejudice
Fear of a YouTube Planet
Who's Your EDUPUNK Daddy Now?
On the Death of Ideology
WordPress.Com As OpenCourseWare
How Open-Source Is Sakai?
A Lemonade Stand for Education
Underwhelmed by iTunes U
Textbook Torrents Closes
Read, Think, Remix
YouTube Depends On Us
Just Say No! A Few More Reasons for Universities to Foster Independent Mediated Voices
YouTube Is Mixing It Up
Senor DJ Lamb: Vancouver Virtuoso of Vermin
I Have Learned My YouTube Lesson
Finally, Course Aggregation Made Easy
How Not to Monetize WPMu
The EDUPUNK Battle Royale, Part 1
FAQ for Universities Interested in WPMu
A WordPress Plugin App Store: Commodify and die!
Spamming all Edublogs
Rorschach's EdTech Journal 2-10-10
EDUPUNK or, on becoming a useful idiot
Crises of Capital Animated
It's every bastard for himself, the last century hasn't ended yet
ds106 as an open and online experiment
Dear Edupunk
The ds106 99: #3 Innovation in elearning interview
Unschool House Rock
ds106 at Faculty Academy
“EdTech transmissions: We Control the Vertical and the Horizontal” at Maricopa College
DTLT Today: “Hey MOOCie!”
DTLT Today's 100th Episode
Guilia Forsythe talks Sketchnoting
Babyboomers Eat Babies, or a Weak Critique of Domain of One’s Own
500 Open Courses on UMW Blogs
Small is Beautiful: A Study of Ed-Tech as if People Mattered
Virtually Connecting the OER Conspiracy Dots
Domains of Online Scholarly Presence
The Overselling of Open
Sitelock Scam
On Next Generation Digital Learning Environments
I Don’t Need Permission to be Open

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