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#MOOC disasters are human and part of educational innovation and why sandboxes are good
FutureLearn: pedagogical & mLearning MOOC platform - the approach
My eBook on MOOC and how to set up #MOOC yourself
Can the #MOOC format respond to the educational challenges #altc2013?
Thoughts on power discrepancy in #MOOC #eMOOCs2014
Plan to move from #quantified self to Qualified self
Free report durable Technology Enhanced Learning #Telearning
Blogphilosophy: does #peace, pacifist education exist in #MOOC?
Blogphilosophy: #education needs to shift, creating meaningful #identities
xAPI case studies available #xapi yeah!
New ADL #mLearning Design Reference model: adjust to your needs
#aha_project discovering the Grit Scale #plog
BlogPhilosophy: What If All the Learning in the World, Does Not Save It From Itself?
When an Economic Crisis Hits eLearning, What Do Managers Have to Say About It?
EDEN 2009 - keynote Speeches
Opera Unite for Windows/Mac/Linux gives you immediate access to group or personal learning spaces
CCK08 - Will Connectivism Without Guidance Result in Unuseful Knowledge Mutations?
QRcodes in eLearning
New Course On Education2.0 or eLearning 2.0
Solar Power for Your Small and Big Mobile Devices!
Social Media Makes This Course Stand Out
Celtx a Free and Open Source Software for Developing eLearning Storyboards
mLearn08: Mobile ePortfolio's by Selena Chan
mLearn08: MiLK: Students Building Mobile Learning Games in Higher Education by Debra Polson
Informal Learning in Everyday Practice: Getting to Know a City and Its Symbols
mLearn08: Keynote Diane Laurillard On Mobile Learning Methods
Document Sharing Software
New Webportal: Science Without Borders Launched
Aluka: Building a Digital Library of Scholarly Resources From and About Africa
CCK09: does Connectivism want to change the world?
Beware critics of Connectivism ! Or how I feel connectivism opens up content creation and access
Our iPhone for Moodle web application aks for your feedback
Blogphilosophy: share your learning story: formal education shackled me, so I got out...
Metaweb, the web of entities bringing us closer to Web3.0
Simple voting boxes to enhance learning
Reusing eLearning material (OER) from other sources or not, asks UNESCO. Three reasons why I hesitate
John Seely Brown on The Power of Pull
#LAK11 what about #privacy when using #data analytics to create #knowledge?
Welcome to the MobiMOOC course wiki!
Explore A New Learning Frontier: MOOC
On #Higher #Education and Society in Changing Times and searching for the reason why educational research centres are under siege
Read #MobiMOOC team's best #paper award for #mLearning research
Noam Chomsky on the purpose of #education
Massive Open Online Courses: Setting Up (StartToMOOC, Part 1)
Selecting meaningful #socialmedia tools for a #MOOC or #PLN
Choose and Embed Social Media in Your MOOC
a MobiMOOC hello!
Visual self-directed informal learning in FutureLearn MOOC
Yes! #PhD written... looking for joyful bliss once more
42 or why one college does not wipe out previous options
Limitless learning plenary #OEB16 on owning learning
Tips for a PhD defense or viva #phd
Novel initiative Teach Out: Fake news detecting

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