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February 25, 2002

Forward Mario Lemieux of Canada skates on the ice celebrating with his country's flag after Canada defeated the United States 5-2 to win the gold medal in men's ice hockey at the Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, February 24, 2002. It was Canada's first Olympic men's ice hockey gold medal in 50 years. REUTERS/Shaun Best By , , .[Refer]

Canadian National E-Learning Workshop Today's edition of OLDaily comes to you live from the CANARIE E-Learning Workshop in Montreal, Quebec. Topics covered have included learning objects, learning object repositories and related issues. Some - but not all - of the PowerPoint presentations are available - click on the 'Presentations' link. By , , .[Refer]

Explor@ This has been around for a bit, but this site - Explor@ - was demonstrated. Explor@ is an open educational operating system for managing learning object repositories. Explor@ is based on a system of interacting objects, resources and roles. An online demo is available. By Gilbert Paquette, CANARIE E-Learning Workshop, 25 February 2002.[Refer]

The Next Web It's good to be reminded from time to time about where the web is really headed. This article focuses on Tim Berners-Lee as the architect of the (proposed) semantic web. The project is nothing nearly like the one-man show depicted in the article, but it's nonetheless clear that Berners-Lee has a vision and is working toward it. This article gives a bit of a flavour of that version. Personally, I am a strong advocate of Berners-Lee's vision and would like to see the semantic web form the cornerstone of the online learning network of the future. By Otis Port, Business Week, March 4, 2002.[Refer]

Splash The Portals for Online Objects in Learning (POOL) project announced today the availability of a beta version of its 'Splash' module for public download. The purpose of Splash is to allow educators and content developers to create desktop peer-to-peer based learning object repositories. A collection of Splash repositories may be collected and made available to a wider audience using a 'Pond' repository tool, to be released later this week. The Splash download is free. By Griff Richards, CANARIE E-learning Workshop, February 25, 2002.[Refer]

The Crime of Sharing I think John Perry barlow sums up my feelings on a lot of what is happening with copyright quite nicely: "And just as sharing makes us civilized, it's sharing that makes civilization. It lets us build a great collective work from the exchange of stories, myths, songs, poems, facts, jokes, beliefs, scientific discoveries, elegant engineering hacks, and all of the other products of human thought and discourse. I know that this is a fairly obvious observation. That's why I'm stunned that so many kinds of sharing have suddenly, without public debate, become criminal acts. For instance, lending a book to a friend is still all right, but letting him read the same book electronically is now a theft." By John Perry Barlow, New Architect, March, 2003.[Refer]

Patent Changes the Score for Net Music It's hard to believe, but a U.S. court has recognized a claim by SightSound Technologies, a digital media company, to the effect that it owns the patent on downloading video and sound over the internet. Yep, that's right, SightSound "invented" the concept. The claim was recognized in a preliminary hearing; the full case is set to be heard later. By John Borland, ZD Net, February 14, 2002.[Refer]

Timeline of the Free Online Scholarship Movement First draft, with links, of major events in the recent history of the freedom of online scholarship movement. No doubt this first list is incomplete, but it's a useful start and incidentally a valuable portal for quick access to the various initiatives. By Peter Suber, FOS Newsletter, February 25, 2002.[Refer]


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