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December 31, 2001

Happy New Year OLDaily will not be published tomorrow, New Year's Day. Have a happy and prosperous 2002. We will return Wednesday, January 2. By , , .[Refer]

Economical Employee Training Good overview article describing the appeal of online learning for staff training. The article focuses on reduced costs, customized training, communication and community. By Bonnie Bucqueroux, Web Techniques, January, 2001.[Refer]

Fast Track to a CS Degree? This is a fascinating discussion conducted by members of the Slashdot community, a group of people known for independent learning and for being well connected to the internet. The participants question the value of a university degree and consider the advantages of a general education as opposed to a trade school certificate. They also discuss credit for prior learning, distance and online learning options. eading this thread will not qualify as scientific research, but it will give you an excellent insight to the thinking of people thoroughly immersed in internet culture. By Cliff, Slashdot, December 28, 2001.[Refer]

Flags of All Countries I should title this link, "Education AOL Style." The link actually points to an educational site recommended by AOL@School with the tagline, "Can you find the flag from the country or countries your relatives came from?" It seems like a good way to teach about the culture of the world. But observe the page, even play around with it a bit. For one thing, the site has placed 'conditions of use' on the flag images - as though they own the copyright to the flags of the world. The large version of the flags themselves have the site's wordmark written on them. Moreover, the site - aimed at primary students, remember - is chock full of advertising urging readers to purchase flags. Is this how a media giant such as AOL views education? Should we worry? By , , .[Refer]


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