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December 24, 2001

No Newsletter Tomorrow OLDaily will take a day off tomorrow for the Christmas holiday. To our hundreds of readers from around the world: thanks, and we'll see you Wednesday. By , , .[Refer]

The Devil is in the Details: Converting Classroom Courses to E-Learning Nice overview of the sorts of things you need to consider when converting a traditional classroom course to online learning delivery. Realistic in its depiction and supported with links to related Learning Circuits resources, the best thing about this article is its observation that no content survives the transition intact. By Lori Mortimer, Learning Circuits, December, 2001.[Refer]

Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Questions In this important Slashdot thread, Lawrence Lessig - the author of The Future of Ideas - answers questions posed by members of the open source community. Lessig challenges members to show how the internet's open architecture produced new creations and complained that the open source movement is more adept at petty quarrels than concrete action. Lessig also advanced some telling arguments against current copyright legislation: "In 1930, there were 10,027 books published. Today, 174 of those books are still in print. Yet it would be illegal because of copyright law for Michael Hart of Project Gutenberg to take those 9,853 books not in print and make them available on the Internet for free ." By Lawrence Lessig, Slashdot, December 21, 2001.[Refer]

Welcome to UTORcwn ( Campus Wireless Network) This has to be one of the largest wireless network implemtation I've seen - the University of Toronto, with 52,000 students, is rolling out a campus-wide IEEE-compliant wireless network. This link points you to the university's information page providing information about the rollout plan, instructions for configuring laptops, coverage maps and more. An excellent resource for people considering a similar network on other campuses. By , University of Toronto, .[Refer]


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