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November 13, 2001

Intel Delivers Industry's First Suite Of High-Speed Wireless Networking Products Another big announcement from Comdex: as the headline suggests, Intel is releasing a set of high speed wireless networking tools. This is the first suite of products to be released under the IEEE 802.11a wireless networking standard (these provide speeds up to five times faster than products using the 802.11b standard). By Press Release, Intel, November 12, 2001.[Refer]

The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the Public Domain Just wrapping up, a major conference at Duke about the public domain. This link is to a framing paper drawing an analogy between the closure movement that eliminated the commons in agricultural life with the new closure movement drawing borders around what might be alled an intellectual commons that exists today. This strong paper points to differences between the two types of commons, outlines arguments in support of a public domain of information, and draws an excellent comparison between the environmental movement and the movement calling for a public domain of certain types of intellectual property, including, for example, knowledge about the structure of the genome. PDF format. By James Boyle, Conference on the Public Domain, November 9, 2001.[Refer]

Conference on the Public Domain - Papers Here are the rest of the papers from the conference at Duke. By Various Authors, Duke, November 9-12, 2001.[Refer]

Firings Rock Gene Project at Sick Kids In an item that shows how difficult the issues are and how frayed some people are becoming, several researchers, including chief scientist Jamie Cuticchia, have been suspended from their jobs at the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children's genome project amind allegations that they misappripriated a hospital asset by transferring to a U.S. company under their control. The asset is a domain name - gdb.org - that is the gateway to the Hospital's genome reserach database. By John Saunders, Globe and Mail, November 12, 2001.[Refer]

Dismissal Appalling, Scientist Says In a follow-up article, Jamie Cuticchia argues that the Hospital's position violates academic rights. "Sick Kids has seized my lab, they have seized my grants, they have seized everything that I have brought in with external money. And they have taken the position that they can do that and retain ownership and terminate me and have me leave with the shirt on my back." By Estanislao Oziewicz, Globe and Mail, ovember 13, 2001.[Refer]

elearning.start4all.com Portal with comprehensive listings of publications, magazines, mailing lists and other resources all related to online learning. By , , .[Refer]

GeoLearning Adds 200+ Course IT Library; LMS Now Available Bundled with Content It's just another product release, one of dozens I get every day. But note this one: GeoLearning is promoting its LMS as being "bundled" with more than 200 courses (grouped in three "librarie"). It's like Microsoft: the company is famous for its operating system but it always realized that the big money was in selling applications. In an LMS environment, courses are like applications. So where is this all leading? Well, imagine a computing environment where, instead of Windows, we have, say, two dozen major operating systems, each with their own individual word processors, spreadsheet programs, etc. Not good. By Press Release, GeoLearning, November 13, 2001.[Refer]


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