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October 10, 2001

TCRecord An interesting online community for academics that I've added to my list of sites to review on a regular basis. The stated aim of TCRecord is to add scholarship to teaching. Consequently you see a number of academic papers and many book reviews. What is interesting is a mechanism whereby people can submit works, including their own, for peer review. This really looks like a site worth supporting. You need to register - free - to read their materials. By , , .[Refer]

Letter of Resignation from Machine Learning Journal The editorial board of the Machine Learning Journal announces its regignation in a very public way, arguing against the journal's pricing, distribution and copyright policies. "Our resignation from the editorial board of MLJ reflects our belief that journals should principally serve the needs of the intellectual community, in particular by providing the immediate and universal access to journal articles that modern technology supports, and doing so at a cost that excludes no one." Three cheers to the (former) editorial board from OLDaily! By Michael Jordan, UAI, October 8, 2001.[Refer]

The Online Professional Seminar? There's so much I want to disagree with in this paper that it would take an entire column to discuss it fully. Peter Cookson's main point is stated near the end of this article: "Virtual education is a misnomer—one cannot become a mind-within-the-world without the help of real people, real struggle, and real discovery." Those of you who have been reading OLDaily over the last week can easily frame a response by looking at my article talking about real people and (to cite one example) Seymour Papert's article about online gaming. By Peter Cookson, Education Week, September 19, 2001.[Refer]

Brave New World for Higher Education Two really good insights in this article: (1) "would you rather bet on Linux (MIT) or on Windows (Phoenix) as tomorrow's dominant operating system?" (2) don't be shocked if some entrepreneur—a Media Laboratory student, perhaps, or a Sloan School alum — uses it as the core for her own startup..." Overall, an excellent analysis of the coming clash between open-source and proprietary online learning. By Michael Schrage, Technology Review, October, 2001.[Refer]


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