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September 18, 2001

That Darned Content 2 More discussion of internet content: how to display it, how to get it, and what to do when you don't have enough. By Wendy Peck, WebReference, September 18, 2001.[Refer]

RSS without limits: JERSS Their RSSApplet tool allows you to retrieve and display RSS feeds only from the applet's host. This combination Java servlet and JavaScript approach, however, can display RSS headlines from any source. By Michael Classen, WebReference, September 18, 2001.[Refer]

Impatica for PowerPoint Evaluation Nice presentation using the Impatica presentation tool to evaluate Impatica as a presentation tool. Impatica is an applet that takes PowerPoint files and presents them on the web - no need for plug-ins or special browsers. The presentation is being supplemented with a discussion Wednesday September 20 at 10 a.m. Mountain time (noon Eastern time) at PalTalk. PalTalk is a free chat application; you have to download and install it from the PalTalk website. You are logging in to the et Group, with password rsuet, under Computers - Hi Tech PalTalk Group Heading. By Cliff Layton, , September 18, 2001.[Refer]

Learnativity According to OLNews, Learnativity will produce a "metadata manifesto" and related papers "to make sense of all this" for those working with metadata. By November, the group expects to post its work at this site run by Wayne Hodgins and colleague Marcia Conner. By , , .[Refer]

All about Learning Technology Standards Nice resource from Learnativity. Surveys each of the major learning technology standards - IEEE LTSC P1484, AICC, IMS, etc. and talks about what you can do to create standards compliant learning materials. Good summary in a nutshell. By Wayne Hodgins with Marcia Conner, Kine Zine, reprinted at Learnativity, Fall, 2000.[Refer]

Security Workers: Copyright Law Stifles I ask you: what is the state of free academic enquiry in a nation where researchers have to hire lawyers (or hide their research)? Two researchers have taken their sites down, Fred Cohen and Dug Song (the latter replaced his site with a Censored message). And let me clear about this: this is not simply about cracking security software. Genetics researchers, media analyists, and all manner of academics will have to have their material reviewed by the lawyers under current copyright and patent law (I received an email from IDG last week informing me that I would not be permitted even to link to them without prior approval of my newsletter content. Rubbish!). By Robert Lemos, CNet, September 6, 2001.[Refer]

Chicagoans Urged to Read "Mockingbird" A cool idea which goes to show that you never know what form learning will take. Citizens of various cities have taken to wearing buttons identifying the book they're currently reading in an effort to create city-wide reading groups. Great concept. By Don Babwin, Salon, September 10, 2001.[Refer]

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