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August 24, 2001

E-learning: Great Growth Potential Good article assessing the investment potential of online learning. Projects growth from $6.7 billion today to $23 billion in 2004. Anticipates (correctly, in my view) that significant consolidation will occur. Targets corporate learning as the most attractive sector. By Vanya Maneva, 123jump.com, August 23, 2001. [Refer]

eScience Core Program Website for a British initiative to promote eScience, " the large scale science that will increasingly be carried out through distributed global collaborations enabled by the Internet." The purpose of the initiative is to allow the sharing more than just information, but also databases, processing power and other services. [Refer]

McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning and Corpedia to Develop Senior Executive E-Learning Courses With Top Business Gurus The title of this press release doesn't leave much room for a summary, does it? Now this may only involve publisher McGraw-Hill producing learning programs featuring Tom Peters, but the question has to be asked: are business schools ready to complete with publishers for students? August 21, 2001. [Refer]

Usability, User Experience, and Learner Experience Interesting and detailed article about usability as it applies to online learning. Gives some good examples of how usability can be tested and measured and draws a connection between usability and learner centered design. Recommended. By Mark Notess, ELearn Magazine, August (?), 2001. [Refer]

Connected Teacher: K-12 School Sites Useful directory to K-12 school websites throughout the United States. Classrom Connect, the parent organization, also provides services to about half the country's k-12 schools. [Refer]

Online Computer Library Center OCLC is a global library coopertaive access to the world's information and reduce library costs by offering services for libraries and their users. It holds over 46 million cataloging records created by libraries around the world. The records span more than 4,000 years of recorded knowledge with 400 languages represented and includes 807,626,971 location listings. OCLC conducts research in metadata and especially Dublin Core. There's a lot happening on this site; it is well worth a browse. [Refer]

Humanity Libraries Project The Humanity Libraries Project of the Human Info NGO is a network project of more than 100 partners. Its aim is to provide universal free or low-cost information access through co-operation between UN Agencies, Universities and NGO. Also worth reading on this site is its discussion of copyright policies and advocacy of 'copyleft' for U.N. documents. [Refer]

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