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August 14, 2001

The dog days of August...

Strategic Communications for Nonprofits Sound and practical advice for nonprofits on how to work with the media. The focus is on traditional media (probably a mistake) but much of the advice works in the online realm as well. Benton Foundation, August 14, 2001. [Refer]

Profit Taking Slows Momentum Remember how several weeks back you read in this newsletter that the rosy e-learning industry was about to face a downturn? Well, it happened, with Saba, Docent, Centra, WebEx, SmartForce and DigitalThink all reporting declines. Expect this trend to continue and expect the large (traditional) industries to slowly work their way into the field, the way Wiley did just a couple of days ago. W.R. Hambrecht (who recently invested in Salon - go figure), August 10, 2001. [Refer]

A Face-to-Face Graduate Class Goes Online: Challenges and Successes Nice article taking the reader step by step through the process of transition from being a traditional in-class to being an online teacher. The diagrams are especially useful, and we will forgive the author more mislabeling them as 'flowcharts' throughout. By Jan Turbill, Reading Online, 5(1), July, 2001. [Refer]

Cal State System Throws Its Weight Around in Negotiating an E-Book Deal Lots going on in this article. First, take a look at NetLibrary's e-book licensing rules: "if a college or consortium buys only one copy of an e-book for its electronic-library collection, only one patron can use that book at a time." Cal State administrators quite rightly thought that this was silly, so they negotiated a better deal: about half their e-books can be circulated to an unlimited number of users at a time. Good for Cal State, but what about smaller institutions with less clout? And what's with NetLibrary's ridiculous licensing terms to begin with? Folks: the whole point of the information revolution is to make things like this easier, not harder. Sheesh. By Goldie Blumenstyk, the Chronicle of Higher Education, August 14, 2001. [Refer]

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