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Jun 28, 2001

Microsoft Caves to Criticism, Drops Smart Tags Microsoft may have shelved the feature for now, but expect to see it again: it's intrusive, but it's too good a feature to lose permanently. By Rick Perera, InfoWorld, June 28, 2001. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

Net Experience Is Best Teacher Light article that talks as much about self directed learning as it does about the use of technology to support learning. By Katie Dean, Wired News, June 28, 2001. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

LexisNexis Offers Law School Professors Creating online law courses? Think again - your competition is now LexisNexis and they're offering their courses for free (to law schools and faculty). LexisNexis Press Release, June 28, 2001. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation's E-Journal Archiving Program Here is a good idea with some money behind it: This program works with universities and publishers to fund the permanent archiving of electronic journals. Seven institutions have received funding so far. This is part of the wider Digital Library Federation project. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

Stanford Poynter Project Accound of a series of usability tests in which subjects viewing habits - what they read, how they read, where their eyes moved - were tracked. Many interesting conclusions, including the surprising result that people are more likely to focus on the text of a website and not the graphical image. By Marion Lewenstein, et.al., Poynter, 2000. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

More PADs Some more personal access devices (PADs) that students of the future will use... the Honeywell WebPAD and the The Siemens SIMpad Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

Crash Course in Copyright Straightforward descriptions of the major principles of copyright and fair use in an educational setting. Links to primary resources. By Georgia Harper, May, 2000. Submitted on Jun 28, 2001 [Refer]

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