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Jun 7, 2001

Student Writers Try to Duck the Censors by Going Online From time to time I talk about how the internet changes the balance of power between teacher and student. Here's an example. Student newspapers, particularly in high schools, have traditionally been subject to control and censorship by school administration. Today, however, students are able to circumvent these restrictions by publishing their newspaper on the web. By Jeffrey Selingo, the New York Times (free registration required), June 7, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

The Digital Degree - Part 1 This radio program - available in Real Media or as a transcript - from Australian Broadcasting looks at the idea that we have reached the end of the era of the classroom as new online or distributed learning technologies take the fore. Produced by Joe Gelonesi, broadcast on ABC June 3, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

Scientists Sue to Publish Music Code Crack It's pretty bad when a scientist has to sue to be allowed to publish his own research results, but that's the step Edward Felten has to take to keep the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) off his back as he seeks to show how he cracked their encryption scheme. By Jay Lyman, E-Commerce Times, June 7, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

Iridium unveils global Internet service It's slow, it's expensive, but internet access is now officially available everywhere on the planet with the announcement of Iridium's satellite based email and data transfer service. By Jim Wolf, Reuters, June 5, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

Statement on ICTs from G-15 meeting The Prime Minister of Malaysia talks about the opportunities offered developing nations with the advent of information technology and addresses the need to provide infrastructure, access and education to more remote regions. A link (not working when I tried) is available to the entire speech; excerpts posted by Sarita Pantel to the Global Knowledge discussion list, June 4, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

Press Releases That Sell! This item is for those companies who fall back on the tired old press release format... you know, the ones with more adjectives than verbs, wherein such-and-such, the leading provider of whatever, has announced... Internet readers have neither the time nor the patience to read such fluff.This article contains some useful ideas about how write releases people will read. By by Joe Vitale, SearchHound, June 7, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

Lessons from Open Source: Intellectural Property and Courseware A broad-based discussion of the attitude of universities regarding courseware and copyright. The author argues - and I agree - that universities should look at an open source model for information distribution. By Jan Newmarch, First Monday, June 7, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World Outstanding and comprehensive essay on the future of the book in the digital age. Traces the development of alternative book technologies and discusses some of the social and political issues, such as control, copyright and distribution, raised by electronic readers and similar technologies. By Clifford Lynch, First Monday, June 7, 2001. Submitted on Jun 7, 2001 [Refer]

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