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May 28, 2001

The beta test continues... send me your comments at sdownes@ualberta.ca:

Ask MyRichUncle to Pay for School Now this is a different take on the world of student financing: "The site boasts a network of investors who will help finance a student's undergraduate or graduate education, and upon graduation, the student must pay the company a percentage of their income for up to 15 years." Could it work? By Katie Dean, Wired News, May 28, 2001. Submitted on May 28, 2001

California Learning Resource Network Launched last week, this site is intended to be a "one-stop information source that enables California educators to identify supplemental electronic learning resources that both meet local instructional needs and embody the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards." Submitted on May 28, 2001

HomeNetHelp Everything you could want to know about home and small enterprise networking. Submitted on May 28, 2001

Salary Survey: User Experience Professionals Earn Good Money Heh... nice work if you can get it. Jakob Nielsen writes: "A usability specialist in California with five years' experience has an estimated cash compensation of $90,118 a year, not counting stock options or other benefits." By Jakob Nielsen, May 27, 2001. Submitted on May 28, 2001

Microsoft Gears Up for 64 Bit Windows With Intel about to release Itanium, its first mainstream 64 bit processor, software vendors - and especially Microsoft - are getting ready to roll out the 64 bit version of Windows. My prognosis: massive system-wide hardware upgrades, followed by large scale document conversions. Remember when the 386 was introduced and people switched to Windows from DOS? By Peter Galli, eWeek, May 24, 2001. Submitted on May 28, 2001

Tagging Educational Material Overview of the CanCore metadata learning object protocol. By Chris Conrath, CompouterWorld, May 18, 2001. Submitted on May 28, 2001

10 Gigabit Technology Overview White Paper A brief history of ethernet (including a cool paper bag drawing), a discussion of the new 10 gigabit ethernet protocol, and a look at some applications. About 500K, PDF format. By the 10 Gigabit Ethernet Alliance (http://www.10gea.org), May, 2001. Submitted on May 28, 2001

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