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May 18, 2001

The beta test continues... send me your comments at sdownes@ualberta.ca:

Comment Integration New addition to my Code section. In this article I discuss the need to integrate content and commentary within a single page and provide a quick and easy combination of a perl script, HTML and Javascript which lets you do the job. Submitted on May 18, 2001

Docomo Overwhelmed by Requests for 3G Trial Service If you weren't sure that broadband wireless is going to be the next big thing, check this: NTT Docomo has been overwhelmed with requests for its trial third-generation (3G) wireless service, receiving 147,000 applications for 4,000 available terminals since it first opened offers for the service on May 10. (3G stands for 3rd Generation and refers to broadband wireless cellphones). By Paul Kallender, EE Times, May 18, 2001. Submitted on May 18, 2001

Academic Resource Center Provided by BlackBoard. Searchable directory of academic resources available for use in online courses. I didn't see any commercial products per se as I browsed about, but their affiliation with XanEdu suggests that full commercial learning object support is well on its way for BlackBoard users. Submitted on May 18, 2001

At the Table One of the more elegant scripts I've seen for some time - it has been around for a while but is now fully cross browser and reliable. This script, written in Javascript, allows you to create a sortable table for a web page. Simply click on the column you want sorted, and voila! Great for student lists, class lists, bibliographies, and more. By Jamie Jaworski, CNet Builder.Com, first written September 9, 1999 and last updated to its current cool format in May, 2001. Submitted on May 18, 2001

Human Portals Analysis of blogging (or wellogging) from a media point of view. I like this: "They're small, intimate, and enormously wide-minded. In other words, people-size. And as long as they exist, they'll represent the ultimate irony: They're nonbusinesses threatening their big-business competitors." By Austin Bunn, Brill's Content, May, 2001. Submitted on May 18, 2001

Grassroots KM Through Blogging I've been doing this for years, but the idea of knowledge management through blogging (also known as web logging) is beginning to catch on in the mainstream. This article offers an interesting - and valid - comparison between blogs and storytelling. In both, the writer is attempting to capture and pass on his or her tacit knowledge to the reader. By Maish Nichani and Venkat Rajamanickam, ElearningPost, May 14, 2001. Submitted on May 18, 2001

The So-Called Rule of Five Really good advice from Jeffrey Zeldman's new book. Basically, the principle is that a site should benavigable in five main areas or fewer. In other words,avoid the temptation to put everything on the front page. Create major areas of interest, then subdivide in deeper category specific pages (again, following the rule of five). WebReference, May 7, 2001. Submitted on May 18, 2001

Five Technologies You Need to Know Good article from the Industry Standard looking ahead at trends which will shape the future. The five? Ultraviolet lithography (for making chips), organic light emiting displays, light based computers, presence technology (which detects when you're online), and business intelligence. By Dan Miller, The Industry Standard, May 14, 2001. Submitted on May 17, 2001

Technology Grant News New subscription based newsletter published four times a year listing technology grant opportunities from government and private sources. Submitted on May 17, 2001

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