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Five Technologies You Need to Know Good article from the Industry Standard looking ahead at trends which will shape the future. The five? Ultraviolet lithography (for making chips), organic light emiting displays, light based computers, presence technology (which detects when you're online), and business intelligence. By Dan Miller, The Industry Standard, May 14, 2001. Submitted on May 17, 2001

Technology Grant News New subscription based newsletter published four times a year listing technology grant opportunities from government and private sources. Submitted on May 17, 2001

Proposed Convention on Jurisdiction and Foreign Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters Known less formally as the Hague Convention, this agreement would govern the enforcement of copyrights and patents world wide. A lot of the coverage coming from the United States has been like this article in Wired. As the CTP document states, "Keep in mind that this treaty will apply to nearly all private litigation, including litigation over libel, slander, fraud, violations of intellectual property rights, unfair commercial practices and a zillion other things. In these areas you can be sued in foreign countries, and the judgments will be collected in the country where you reside or have assets." But the issues are deeper than that, and the question really is: how can the Americans continue to enforce their very wide and generous copyright protections worldwide without at the same time allowing other countries to enforce other protections, such as moral rights? This CTP page is an excellent resource on the Hague Convention, contiunually updated and comprehensive with links to reams of background documents. Submitted on May 17, 2001

Enclyclopedia of Canadian Adult Education The prototype is launched with sample articles and an 'alpha' index. Contributions will be based on an 'intellectual shareware' approach. Sponsored Through The University College of the Fraser Valley. Submitted on May 17, 2001

FreeWebSpace A searchable directory of free web hosting services. Submitted on May 17, 2001

Report on adult education and training in Canada: Learning a living This report, prepared by Statistics Canada with help from Human Resources Development Canada, provides an analysis of the results of the 1998 Adult Education and Training Survey.The report describes training trends in Canada with reference to results from previous surveys. May 10, 2001. The full PDF (935K) is also available. Submitted on May 17, 2001

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