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New York Doubles Down on Open Educational Resources, Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed, May 24, 2018

Overview of how SUNY is focusing on open educational resources (OER), including this definition of 'open pedagogy', which I like: "Much of the focus in the year ahead will be trying to shift from OER adoption to 'open pedagogy,' in which faculty members don't just use existing open content but take the next step toward involving their students in modifying it, 'so they're involved deeply in the content,' Hatch says. 'When you get students involved in ... [Direct Link]

Open the Gateless Gate: OER and Open Education, Geoff Cain, Brainstorm in Progress, Apr 18, 2018

I love how Geoff Cain mixes a new spirit of optimism and positivity with a couple of 'get off my lawn' moments. The positivity he finds in the Open Pedagogy Notebook created by Robin DeRosa and Rajiv Jhangiani to “support community sharing of learning materials and ideas around access to knowledge and knowledge creation.” I've added the feed to my reader. Ah, but the cranky moments in Cain's post are to be savoured, even if they have nothing to do with the site ... [Direct Link]

OpenAIRE survey on open peer review: Attitudes and experience amongst editors, authors and reviewers, Tony Ross-Hellauer, Arvid Deppe, Birgit Schmidt, Zenodo, May 03, 2017

I think people interested in open pedagogy could draw some insight from this discussion of open peer review. There's not one single dimension to open publishing (or open science generally) but multiple dimensions, including open identity, open participation, and open reports. The idea isn't just to license openly, but to draw what is currently hidden into open view. Note that while open peer review may require open access, this isn't its defining characteristic. 'Open' ... [Direct Link]

Perspectives on Open Pedagogy, Devon Ritter,, Apr 28, 2017

First of all, if you haven't reads this history of open pedagogy by Tannis Morgan, go there first. OK. Now, on o the discussion. Devon Ritter characterizes 'open pedagogy' as "the ability for learners to shape and take ownership of their own education" (which is very similar to what I call 'personal learning'). This is similar to the account given by Claude Paquette in 1979. But even here we need to make the leap from traditional school to a truly open ... [Direct Link]

What is Open Pedagogy?, Maha Bali, Reflecting Allowed, Apr 25, 2017

This is a link to a video conference on open pedagogy hosted by Maha Bali and including a number of the people talking recently about this topic (but by no means all, nor from all perspectives). Some of the related resources: Year of Open - What is Open Pedagogy - various authors Catherine Cronin - Opening Up Open Pedagogy (and open educational practices) David Kernohan - Roaming Autodidacts and the Neo-Reactionaries Tannis Morgan - Openness and Teaching, ... [Direct Link]

High Quality Education for All, Christian M. Stracke, SlideShare, Apr 19, 2017

This is a set of slides delivered by Christian M. Stracke (newly appointed ICDE Chair in Open Educational Resources (OER)) at the International Lensky Education Forum in Yakutsk. It offers a look at open learning that extends beyond a narrow definition based on the licensing of resources, and considers such things as open pedagogy, open schools and open environments. It also links openness directly with quality. It's a longish presentation and you might just want to download the ... [Direct Link]

I Don’t Need Permission to be Open, Jim Groom, bavatuesdays, Apr 10, 2017

What is open pedagogy? According to David Wiley, "open pedagogy is the set of teaching and learning practices only possible or practical in the context of the 5R permissions... (it) is the set of teaching and learning practices only possible or practical when you are using OER." This struck some readers, including Jim Groom, as wrong, and after a Twitter argument (these never go well) he explains in a post. "But, I do wonder at the push to consolidate the definition beyond OERs into Open ... [Direct Link]

Robin DeRosa’s great Ignite Talk DML2016 on open education., Clint Lalonde, Oct 19, 2016

Clint Lalonde highlights a talk by Robin DeRosa on the relation between open education and public education. "In 5 short minutes she connects the various strands of open education (open access, open educational resources, and open pedagogy) to the broader societal mandate of our public institutions, which is to serve the public good." Short (as promised) video arguing we should make a case for public education using the case for open education.   [Direct Link]

Putting Student-Produced OER at the Heart of the Institution, Michael Caulfield, Hapgood, Sept 07, 2016

There have been numerous open education resources (OER) projects over the years, but they tend to disappear. Just listen to Michael Caulfield. "People make things possible." he writes.  And we have such great, great people in Open Pedagogy. But institutions, they are what make these things last." And the institutional support isn't always there. "The recurring cycle of CELT and TLT center layoffs is all you need to look at to see how much of what we do is built on sand." But no - I ... [Direct Link]

The Second Power of Open, David Wiley, iterating toward openness, Jun 13, 2016

The second power of open, says David Wiley, is the use of open materials to support a better pedagogy. "Perhaps we should start talking about open pedagogy as the 'second power of open,'" he writes. "Perhaps that language, which has a clear and specific referent, would help a broader group of people understand that there’s even more to open than they realized." I'd like to think so, but that's what we did with MOOCs, using open resurces to create a new pedagogy, but ... [Direct Link]

Is it Time for Canada to Implement A Unified Open Strategy for Higher Education?, Clint Lalonde,, Nov 20, 2015

Typically my answer to this question is "no." But let's hear the case. "It gets all the various strands of open – open access, open education, open source software, open pedagogy, open data –  in the same room." Well, true. But that's not always a good thing (it's a lot like getting all the provinces in the same room - yes, we want to do it from time to time, but we still send them back home to govern themselves individually). And as Clint Lalonde says, "We also ... [Direct Link]

ds106: Open Pedagogy or Personality Cult?, Geoff Cain, Brainstorm in Progress, Jul 23, 2015

Is ds106 a personality cult? Maybe. But as Geoff Cain notes, "It is not the personality that creates the success; it is the engagement of the instructor.... instructors who make regular videos, podcasts, send weekly emails, and comment frequently on student blogs are experienced by the students as an instructor who is present in the course." Jim Groom, meanwhile, says "ds106 is not a cult. It's a club." But that might be only because the top-level domain .cult is not available. [Direct Link]

OER university meeting -- History in the making, Various authors, WikiEducator, Feb 28, 2011

The Open Educational Resources University meeting that took place last week in New Zealand is now history, and this page provides links to a summary of the results, as well to UStream video recordings. "The meeting has commenced work on developing proposals for action relating to open business models, open pedagogy, open curriculum and open student support. An online follow-up meeting is planned to refine the draft proposals for action generated at the meeting including outputs, key ... [Direct Link]

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