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Online Test-Takers Feel Anti-Cheating Software’s Uneasy Glare, Natasha Singer, New York Times, Apr 07, 2015

More on ProctorTrack, the service that stares at you through your camera while you take an online exam. Not surprisingly, students don't like it. According to the article, "Even for an undergraduate raised in a culture of selfies and Skype, Ms. Chao found the system intrusive. 'I felt it was sort of excessive,' she said... [it] seems to impose more onerous strictures on students than a live proctor would. Among other things, it requires students to sit upright and remain directly ... [Direct Link]

Rutgers and ProctorTrack Fiasco: Impact of listening to regulations but not to students, Phil Hill, Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, Mar 18, 2015

We see more of the tip of what is looking like an ugly privacy iceberg, as Rutgers not only watches students through their video cameras, it charges students for the privlege. "This is a fiasco," writes Phil Hill. "Student privacy is a big issue, and students should have some input into the policies shaped by institutions. The February 12th student paper put it quite well in conclusion.... 'monitoring and recording our computer activity during online courses is not the solution, and ... [Direct Link]

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