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I didn't listen to the podcast (I may get to it tomorrow, but it's 5:37 and I have a newsletter to finish). Still, the description is intriguing enough. Here's the point of departure: "The Internet has certainly been abuzz since the GAO published its report on textbook prices last week. This report showed that college textbook prices have increased at twice the rate of inflation and have followed close behind tuition increases." And here's something to ponder, from Rob Reynolds: "My take is that instructors are the only ones that can put a stop to rising textbook prices. I believe we have transitioned from a time when textbooks served as second-level support for the instructor (the core of the learning experience) to a time when textbook (and ancillary materials) are the core piece of the learning experience and are merely supplemented by instructors." There's some truth here, but let's face it, publishers are willing participants in this game (and indeed, do what they can to push it along).

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